Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Edroso nails Megan

Please go read Roy Edroso's latest post on Megan. Its a real doozy.

We all remember Megan's absolutely genuine furor over Edroso's remark that she was a 'lipstick libertarian', and how Edroso's use of that phrase was indicative of how sexist liberals really are.

Apparently, the meaning has changed. Megan now appears on bloggingheads with Kerry Howley (writer for Reason and possessor of a vagina) under the title: "Lipstick Libertarians."

Either Megan is a lying hypocrite, or she thinks that plurarizing an insult renders it innocuous.


Clem said...

Aaargh, the page I was looking for does not exist.

Clem said...

Aaahhh, now it's working.

Roy had better watch out. The Altruistic Punishers will make it impossible for him to buy food, rent shelter or, for that matter, merge into the exit lane.

Susan of Texas said...

He'll be stuck on a traffic circle forever, an enraged populace taking its rightous revenge for his slights against Mommy's wonderful little Megan, who's so much smarter and prettier and better than those rich kids in prep school.

clever pseudonym said...

1) "Diavlog" is one of the most offensive distortions of the English language I have ever read.

2) I don't get the point of these "bloggingheads" episodes. So far, all it seems to be is a couple of self-impressed wankers overestimating their own intelligence while babbling their mediocre, unoriginal ideas about current events. I can overhear that at the Starbucks on the corner without wasting the electricity and bandwidth.

3) That "if you are not a nice person, the grocery store won't sell you food" post was beeping stupid. How anyone could have taken such a thoughtful article and reduced it to that navel-gazing rubble is beyond me, especially someone who is keen to brag on how educated and smart she is.

I keep thinking the probationary period Megan should be writing under will end and she'll be kicked to the curb, but I don't think that's going to happen. There really are people who think her sloppy, ill-informed, badly edited, horribly written drivel is actually professional quality writing. That's just sad.