Friday, August 29, 2008

Some shorters

mostly genuine style.

A more perfect union:

Mickey Kaus said something, but the goat penis in his mouth made his words indecipherable.

The banality of cable news, part 84,908 in a continuing series:

I wish I had a tv gig. They make a fortune.

Grim pub quiz:

Why should the far right monopolize Obama assassination fantasies?

Alea iacta est:

Barack Obama stands before a crowd of nearly 100,000 and accepts his party's nomination with humility and pride. And you know what? I'm moved. I have a low opinion of politicians, and I do not expect Obama to change the world. But he's nonetheless inspiring.
Obama will not change the world. But he makes his ideas appealing by sheer force of personality.

42 minutes later;

Summing up:
I was disappointed by the speech. Your mileage may vary, of course. But it was basically standard Democratic Convention Boilerplate: nothing we haven't seen before from Obama, or for that matter, every Democratic presidential candidate in living memory.
This implies, [sic] that McCain will get a bigger bounce than Obama from his convention appearance; we'll see.
You see, Obama mentioned teachers, but not vouchers. This disappointed Megan, which means McCain will probably... nah, I don't follow the logic, either.

You're on your own:
That's Obama's sound byte to cap the standard litany of Democratic hard-luck stories. I think Peggy Noonan nailed my dissatisfaction with the mythic, put-upon heroes of both sets of convention speeches [My emphasis]
*giggle fit*

Barack Obama: please end our dependence on cheap platitudes about foreign oil:

You know, JFK only made his call for us to do the impossible and land on the Moon in order to get laid with a secretary. Think about THAT!

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