Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kill me, please, kill me

Jebus is real, and he's getting revenge on me.


Ann Althouse and I did a Bloggingheads yesterday on politics, internet trolls, and my ongoing battle with whatever hideous disease has kept me coughing for the last month. As the folks at Bloggingheads said, I'm still clearly under the weather, but Ann's in top form, so check it out.
I have no excuse. I have to watch this.
I'm going to die.

Does anyone have any PCP?

It's an hour long.
*curls into ball, weeps*

Just in case anyone's waiting, it'll be later tonight. Real world duties have intervened for a few. Plus there's Yankees/Red Sox and the DNC keep up with. Busy night.


clever pseudonym said...

This is what thou hath wrought with your sinful denial of the divinity of Jebus. Even worse, thou have wrought it on the rest of us while thou were at it. Thanks a lot. I'd rather watch an episode of "The View" while having cyanide injected into my eyeballs.

Though I'm kind of curious to see how they whine about "trolls." Do they go the Alkon route and accuse half of the sphere of politics of trying to "silence" them? Or do they say the only reason they're ever criticized is because they're women?

spencer said...


If they're talking about their Internet trolls, they probably spend 10 minutes on you alone, brad.

clever pseudonym said...

I watched a few minutes - all I can stand - and Megan acts like she's never heard of this site before. So on top of being a no-talent hack, she's also a liar.

Though she did have an "epiphany" one day after posting one of her boring recipes on a Saturday afternoon. She decided people who tell her that her bland recipes are bland are sad, largely because they're doing it on a Saturday afternoon. This is because, you see reading a blog on a Saturday afternoon is pathetic. Posting on one isn't.

Talk about a total lack of self-awareness and cluelessness about the motivations of others. It's comic gold.

brad said...

We're getting hits directly from the bloggingheads site, so yes.
FMM is mentioned, looks like towards the end.
I'll probably do a series of posts on this big shit pie I get to eat.

brad said...

She pretends not to know we exist?
Curious considering I have emails from her Atlantic account to the firemegan gmail account, and Nutella and M. have exchanged emails with her as well.

clever pseudonym said...

Althouse brought mentioned this site and Megan replied something like "oh, really? I have two troll blogs now?" Maybe she just misunderstood what Althouse said and counting FMM among the two.

Though somebody should tell her there is no such thing as a "troll blog." To troll, you have to be a pest on someone else's site, not your own.

rickm said...

We're mentioned by Althouse, and then on the "Links Mentioned in this diavlog", we're on the upper right hand corner.

brad said...

I'll see for myself in a few, and report back to everyone with more detail.
Also, I'm going to pound a few nails into my skull.
Oh, boy.

NutellaonToast said...

I'll take it off your hands if you want. I'm excited for it!

brad said...

Nah, it's mine, tho I'll probably end up leaving some sections uncommented in the end. Lemme have a go or two at it first.

Clem said...

Jesus Fucking Christ. This sounds like a chat between the Borg Queen and the Queen Alien.

Actually, I'd watch that one, but not Queen Bee meets Dairy Queen.

Good luck, Brad.

Anonymous said...

Megan and the old drunk spend 11 minutes or so speculating about why people criticize them, never even bothering to offer that maybe it is because, well, you know, they are narcissistic idiots.

And by the way, I have never seen more than a snapshot of Megan before, but I have to say she is one mightily unattractive person.

File this under, "and you're ugly, too."