Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The irony of Ross D. calling something else dull..

Ross D writes: "as a political figure, [Biden's] one of the least interesting veep picks in recent memory." What a complement to Gore & Quayle!

He continues:

"[Biden] doesn't offer Obama a chance to expand the map - his native state is small, blue and boring, and he hasn't generated any political excitement outside Delaware in twenty years."

For one, Ross is wrong. Ross is also completely ignorant of the politics of Southeastern Pennysylvania and South Jersey. For once, I hope that Chris Matthews can set him straight. Biden is a big deal in these areas. South Jersey simply isn't represented in the Senate--there is more attachment and affection for Joe Biden in South Jersey than there is for any other Senator. The same goes for Pennsylvania--little connection exists[ed] between Spector and Santorum and the denizens of Philadelphia. Biden's their guy.

Ross continues: "[Biden won't] co-opt an up-for-grabs constituency (the notion that he's going to be the candidate of Joe Lunchbucket seems mildly implausible, working-class roots or no)." Well, Biden is the poorest Senator, and John McCain needs his toes to count his houses. So, yes, there will be an attraction for the poorer folk to Biden than, say, Mitt Romney.

Just wait until the debates, Ross.


Anonymous said...

Santorum is no longer a Senator. The relevant Senator would be Bob Casey. I don't know how popular he is in Philadelphia, but he carried it by a decent margin.

ignatov said...

Just wait until the debates, Ross.

ignatov said...

Whoops. Here's what I meant:

"Just wait until the debates, Ross."

Can you imagine a Biden/Romney debate? It'll be a bloodbath! Bring it on!

M. Bouffant said...

Even the Wall Street Journal had an op-ed today on how good Biden was on foreign policy, knew his shit, etc.

Note to Douthat: No one has picked a veep on the basis of carrying a state since JFK picked LBJ in 1960. (And no presidents have been known by their initials since then, either.)

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Ross Douthat is the most gutless Sailer-sucking douchebag hack in all of blogdom. His deep distress over the way his new book tanked has led to complete erectile dysfunction and has pushed him to the right of Dick Cheney. His fondest wish now is to be allowed - just once, please! - to tongue Rush Limbaugh's crusty, hairy taint. But he'll settle for drinking Sean Hannity's bathwater if that's all he can get.