Sunday, August 17, 2008

She can't even properly rape a corpse

I have to give Amy Alkon credit for one thing; she makes Megan seem careful and considered in her work, hard as that is to believe. Also, Megan doesn't delete comments and ban anyone expressing any kind of disagreement. Credit where it's due, I suppose. We're just misogynists to Megan, not fascists.
So, Amy wanted to remind us all that the Twin Towers were brought down by a terrorist attack. Now, sure, unlike Amy I'm still in NYC and can see the Towers of Light every year from my place, but I must've forgotten, since I don't agree with her irrational hatred of Islam.

How much clearer does it have to become, how damaging it is for us to be beholden in any way to these barbarians, the Saudis? The World Trade Center, but for our need for Mid-East oil, would surely still be standing, and 3,000-plus innocent people who happened to work in just the wrong building, and those who died trying to save them -- on that day or of respiratory and other illnesses afterward -- would surely be going about their lives and business today.
Umm, Amy? That 3,000 number includes not just the rescue workers who died that day, but also the people in the planes and the Pentagon. I know it's a minor nit to pick, but if you're going to use corpses as props, you should show them proper respect. An inability to get even basic facts right just further demonstrates how poor your arguments are. Stupidity and hatred are not good premises.
Also, there were 2 (two) Twin Towers. And WTC 7. And the Pentagon.


Anonymous said...

Also, "more than 3,000" should read "almost 3,000." Unless she's including the hijackers (Wikipedia lists the deaths at 2998 excluding the hijackers).

Anonymous said...

Blah, I'm not quoting her correctly. "3000 plus", not "more than 3000", but whatever.

Anonymous said...

Boy, from her most recent posts, this Alkon woman looks like she's going into full meltdown mode. There's a treasure trove of idiocy over there.

Clem said...

Hey, cut her some slack, Brad. She knew a lot of those firemen.

spencer said...

Also, Megan doesn't delete comments and ban anyone expressing any kind of disagreement.

Well, not anymore, anyway.