Monday, August 4, 2008

The Aristocracy To Which She Pretends

And the Lord taketh away, and He did take Timmeh unto Him, and the acolytes of Timmeh did wail and rend their garments for their grief was so great. "O Lord!" they beseeched Him, "Pity Your foolish and greedy servants, for without the sacred essence of Timmeh our bodies shall wither and decay and our spirits shall wane unto melancholy, and we shall be given to the most terrible agonies of introspection, until we are reduced to shame most intolerable." And their wailing continued for forty days and forty nights, reaching the dome of Heaven itself. And upon hearing His children's piteous cries, the Lord did appear before them in the form of a burning peacock, and said, "Rejoice, for I bring thee tidings of the coming of Luke, Son of Timmeh. Take him unto thy bosoms, so that thee and thine may drink of his essence and be whole again." And the acolytes did drink of Luke's essence, and found that it was good, for though his blood was mixed and his tonsure like unto that of the Pantload, he was truly the Son of Timmeh, and he gladly suffered the foolish and greedy alike, until his life ebbed from him and he gave up the ghost.


spencer said...

You don't post often, but when you do you make it worth the wait.

brad said...

Look at that haircut again and tell me he's not qualified.
A feathered bowl cut. Do you realize how HOT that is?

Susan of Texas said...

No doubt he will inform us that the youth of America think Obama is too fit and hoity-toity, and are lusting after Old Man McCain.