Wednesday, August 20, 2008

She really is an asshole

By request: subsidising the arts:

Should government subsidise the arts and sports?

Yeah. Fuck the arts, let's include them in the same category as water polo. How is Megan supposed to know how much she likes a work of art without a price tag attached to it? What has a poet ever done for her? (Aside from coining the damnable term agnotheist.) Government support for the arts takes them out of the free market. Can you imagine, an art world where success is based on talent and achievement, instead of how well you can market yourself?
It'd be like a fashion industry that didn't inherently hate women. Just unimaginable.


clever pseudonym said...

What a reactionary, idiotic bint. Just "no." Not so much as an explanation or defense of her position. Probably because she's so smug and self-righteous, she thinks the answer should be obvious. What an ignorant, sickening person.

spencer said...

Wait, that's the whole post?

"Idiotic" is too generous.

Susan of Texas said...

Say, didn't this woman recently complain about the lack of parks in DC? And aren't they paid for with tax dollars? And isn't McArdle a fool?

clever pseudonym said...

Yes, she is. That answer is so glib it actually makes me angry. No funding for sports and arts at all? Absolutely? No arenas or baseball parks that entertain communities, bring in revenue, inspire civic pride, etc.? No subsidies for museums to house world-famous works of art? No metropolitan opera houses or theaters, no music in the park, no grants to make documentaries for PBS? I'll bet good money Megan is one of those people who thinks the only thing the NEA does is write fat checks to guys who take pictures of a crucifix in a cup of piss, hence her very abrupt "no." If you take away all of the publicly-funded art and sports in this country right now, I bet she'd be a little more than shocked at how much is missing.

Woops, there goes the local high school football team. We can't have the public paying for that.

If people think art is some peripheral pursuit that is easily disposed of, they should remember that some of the greatest minds in science, math, economics and politics have their ideas fueled by creativity and the kind of imagination that makes them think larger than what we already know adn accept that's around us. These are the people that end up in history books. The ones with the kind of imagination that was probably inspired by being taught an appreciation of art at an early age. With public money. I'd say it's worth the cost.