Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Sleeping Giant Awakens, Rolls Over, & Returns to Sleep

Sez La Megan:

I think we may be sure that Microsoft was less concerned with the tender feelings of porn consumers (and/or their spouses) and more concerned with striking a blow at Google.

But this has broader applications than Google. Media companies are still trying to figure out how to make web advertising lucrative enough to support a full, print-style application--Politico is a rousing success, and yet makes 60% of its revenue from a cheat sheet it prints for a paltry few tens of thousands of readers. We don't need a new web browser making things even harder than they already are.
Ms. McArdle, have you noticed that Microsoft itself is a media company, & would love to make more (Or some, what the hell do I know?) money from, among other places, a few months or so ago when there was big blather about Microsoft purchasing Yahoo!? So they could get a bigger on-line presence? So I'm not sure why Bill G. & the gang would be trying to cut off their noses to spite their faces, unless this is some sort of "Look, competition is,, like, really good" item. (It's just so hard to understand anything she types.)

And is Ms. McA. opposed to a company providing something that people want to use, for whatever reason, if it might cut into her paycheck? What kind of competition & free market stuff is that? Aren't we all supposed to take risk, & suffer the consequences?

P. S.: Does anyone give a shit about Idiot Exploder 8 anyway? Aren't we all using Firefox 3?

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Anonymous said...

Megan's head would probably explode if she saw the add-ons I had loaded up into my copy of Firefox 3. Cookie-anonymizing, ad-blocking, script-blocking...good luck getting dime one of ad revenue or collecting any info on me. I've been doing this for so long that web pages with ads look odd to me.