Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good morning!

It's time for stupid! Gotta start the day off right! Let's to turn to our econo expert to see what insights into the markets she has!

Oil falls free

Twenty dollars to whomever can tell me what in the fucking hell that title is supposed to mean. And, to go back to an old haunt, when the fuck is she going to start capitalizing titles? She finally got brow beaten into knocking off the obnoxious "block quoting herself" shit (You're welcome Megs), so there is some hope. But the shift key.... it's really not that far away. Right there, by your left and right pinkies. Come on, baby, give it a whirl!

I think we can officially say there was a sizable speculative premium in oil, given that major troubles in one of the world's major oil-producing regions did little to halt its fall.
Really, queen dipshit? That's how we know? I thought it was because oil surged upwards like 1000% in about 4 days and then plummeted downwards another 500% like two minutes later. No, that's not speculation? Hmm, okie, I guess it's a good thing there is another war in the Caucasus. Those are always the best economic indicators.
On the other hand, if that speculative premium was $40--the mid-to-high range of analyst estimates--then we're close to having wiped it out at this point. Don't start pricing minivans just yet.
Wait, you mean the speculation didn't just start on it's own as if by magic? Are you telling me that people started betting that oil was going to go up in price because it was actually going to go up in price? GOD DAMN IT WOMAN! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO SLOW DOWN AND STOP BLOWING MY MIND!!!

She is such an idiot. She is telling us now -weeks after it became clear that oil was overpriced- that there was speculation involved. Just like when she told us it isn't is isn't a recession(that's the current diagnosis, right?). Plus, Mrs. Insight is telling us not to get too excited, cause oil is still pretty expensive. THANKS MC BRILLIANT. We all fucking noticed that oil is still FOUR FUCKING TIMES HIGHER than it was like, 6 years ago, and that gas is still AN ARM AND A FUCKING LEG PER GALLON.

Even if oil were to miraculously go back down, it would still be idiotic to go back to our gas wasting mentality. Have you noticed how we got hit the hardest by the recent price increases? You think that might have something to do with the fact that other countries learned their lesson in the 70's??!??!?!?!?!!?


I hate economics and I could do her "econoblogging" better than she does. Who the fuck was in charge of hiring her? They need to be fucking hung.


Dr Zen said...

"hanged". i don't think they should be rewarded.

NutellaonToast said...

I thought there was disagreement as to whether or not it was hung or hanged....