Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ahh, That Explains That...

I was almost impressed when I read this, but didn't click the link.

The debate between Mark Schmitt and me on vouchers made the Times.
Post-clicking, it turns out that the NYT has a deal w/, in which they select segments from bloggingheads "diavlogs" & post them on the NYT website. And they selected this one. Which is one of eight. And in answer to this question in the comments @ A. I.: yes, it's the same as the other link (albeit mercifully shorter than the entire "diavlog") & it's the same as her "if it comes down to the lives of these poor kids vs. the public school system, blah, blah, blah," line she's typed for all to see as well.

Megastats: Nothing since Thursday. We're very worried, because there's usually a "blogging will be light" warning, & are able to find someone else upon whom to obsess. Ann Althouse has had at least one hissy-fit today, for example.
Or, Ms. McA. may be on her way to the Far East at this very moment, & just doesn't want us to know her apartment is available for sub-letting.

P. S.: Don't think that because I mentioned Ann Althouse I am a wymin-hater like brad. (Much like Megan & public schools, I have nothing against wymyn, but if comes down to the life of someone, I'm in favor of something or another.) I despise Jonah Goldberg as much as I despise any one (& as much as anyone despises Jonah) & let it be known many a Tuesday (when his syndicated column appears in the regional cage-liner, the L. A. Times) @ my (it is mine, & mine alone) personal hate site.

I think the actual reason wingnut women are extra-unpopular (Are they, really, compared to male wingers? Or are they just more willing to cry "sexism" when a leftist calls them on their typing?) is due to a certain sexism; some of us still expect women to be more decent or kind or sympathetic, as least as a group/class/statistical cohort, then men as a group, etc. So on a certain level, even if they'd prefer woman not vote or work or do anything but breed, brood, cook & clean, wingnutettes are doing their bit against sexism, by proving that women can be just as vile/evil/stupid/nasty, etc., as, well, me, for example.

brad adds:

Worried, my ass. I needed and am enjoying the vacation. Meg can take as long as she likes to get to French Indochina, really.


Anonymous said...

I'm famous!

M. Bouffant said...

Ask the right question & look what happens!
Next time you ask one that I use or link I'll put your name in the post too.