Sunday, November 4, 2007

Democracy in Peril!!

Not Pakistan, ninnies, the blog-o-sphere! Mme. McA. has made a plea for votes, obviously in direct opposition to the earlier entreaty here, and probably through the haze of a hangover, as it was posted @ 1403 EST. Clever, that, allowing for an extra hour of boozing. (I know the few blackouts in my drinking career occurred when I was safely ensconced chez moi & didn't have to worry about getting home, strangers, or such.)

[A]n (extremely successful, to judge by all the empty bottles and the ottoman we set on fire) housewarming party[.]
My criterion for success was the number of wymyn in my bed the next afternoon, but to each their own. If drinking & vandalism are more important to you than desire & affection, I can only pity you.

Now get out there & vote for what you know to be right! And remember, you can vote once every 24 hours, or more if you've different IPs available to you. Make Megan cry.

brad adds:
As longtime readers know, what happens when I do not win these things, is that I cry. [sic]* Huge, wet tears rolling out of my enormous green eyes and searing the lightly freckled, yet delicately translucent skin of my fair face. No one wants that, do they?
.... fair?

*- "As longtime readers know, ..., is that I cry." No, I cry.
Hmmm, actually, does the [sic] go after the second comma or at the end? Me not know.

(Also, M.- for simple consistency's sake, now that there's shading to make clear what's a quote n not, plz no more italicizing blockquotes. Danke)

M. B. sez: 'K!!

I think "fair" is just redundnacy for "lightly freckled, yet delicately translucent skin." I know she's being silly there, but when I'm being silly about myself, I usually go in the other direction. Maybe that's just one of those "bad choices" so many people like me seem to make.

P. P. S.: If a piece of furniture is set on fire but not thrown out a window (extra points if the window is closed at the time) that's only a partially successful party. C'mon Megan, you've got half your thirties left, you're single & childless, have some fun!!

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Anonymous said...

Christ, the only thing dumber than blog awards are the people who take them seriously.

And how many posts can one person write bragging about how tall, sophisticated, educated, cultured, and attractive they are before their lack of modesty makes even themselves sick?