Friday, November 16, 2007

Just For Kicks, Baby

This is interesting, how it's done is any one's guess, & it may not mean a damn thing, but visit The Blog Readability Test (What Level of Education Is Required to Understand Your Blog?) & throw in the name of your favorite (other than this one, of course) blog. "" is Junior High School. "" is High School, as is this very blog here that you are perusing at this moment.My personal blog (modesty forbids my typing the URL) is College (Postgrad) which is pretty damned funny considering I dropped out of three separate institutions of higher learning. Could be the long chunks of copied & pasted whatnot, from greater sources than my keyboard, that I leave all over the place. Or the pretentious latinate, chosen over Anglo-Saxon vulgate any chance I get.

But you'd think that McMegan's blog, w/ all it's statistical references & the like, or even Althouse, w/ the legalities strewn about, would come in a bit higher. Like to see the algorithms behind the whole thing. Especially now that I just ran "matthewyglesias.the" & it came up Genius. Who's kidding whom? The fix must be in.

Now I'm sure there's something suspicious: "" is Junior High, as is "" No surprises there. But can you tell me in what universe "" is Genius? Not that I look at the Shrieking Harpy's site that often, but she must have quoted something literate at great length to get that. I suppose they don't take little things like correct punctuation or actual literacy into account; it must be number of "big" words or length or some such criteria.

brad adds:

I could always post a philosophy paper or two to screw up the grading curve.
I suspect Pam Atlas does well because the meth helps her write 5000 word posts with frightening regularity. Also, she (mis)uses lots of Hebrew and Arabic terms, which probably helps.

Bouffant re-adds:

5,000 word posts? No shit. That's more frightening than any mucus video or "vlog."


Anonymous said...

Eh, Kausfiles scores Genius, while Talking Points Memo scores Elementary School.

Kausfiles should score Institution for the Criminally Insane.

M. Bouffant said...

It's been suggested that it's based on sentence length as much as anything else. Since Kaus is (as I remember from my one or two visits to his piles) big on three-dot stylings that may explain it. Ratio of text to full stops. And I thought I was clever. Merely Crown Prince of Run-on Sentences. Ah, well.

spencer said...

Look, if my blog about my old record collection can rate as postgraduate level reading, then something is askew with the methodology. Perhaps it's because I used the words "aficionado" and "egregious" in the same post once.

(And yes, I went ahead and dropped the pseudonym. It was becoming a pain in the ass to manage two separate Google accounts.)