Thursday, November 29, 2007


Not to step on Editor-in-ChiefFounder brad's toes or blue suede shoes (I went to college in the 1820s) but to expand on his previous item, about MM's item:

Mr [sic] Brian Beutler has a hilarious post about Public Service Announcments [sic][.]
(Hey, two sics in one sentence!) What the hell was so "hilarious" about BB's post? He threw up five YouTube clips of PSAs (one of them Canadian, one of them Kiwi). I'm doubled over in hysterics! There's irony involved, I'll grant, but I suspect the only real hilarity observed by the soon to be officially a spinster (in both senses of the word) was from the Canadian PSA, which Mr. Beutler found amusing as well. Apparently

a Canadian movement called "Prevent It", whose goal seems to be to make sure that good, hardworking Canadians never do anything without a healthy dose of panic [,]
is in favor of workplace safety. And I think we all know that "workplace safety" is statist code for choking business to death w/ petty regulations. So when some one gets a vat full of hot water/soup in the face, or falls off a ladder, it's Laffs On Parade:

Stupid workers. They deserve to be punished for the character flaws that led to their making a choice that put them on a ladder instead of behind a keyboard. Ha ha ha. Suffer, workers. Do not expect a new, safe ladder. Your betters need profit & productivity.

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