Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Travel day

Flew down to Florida to be with the parents for Thanksgiving. They just got the tiniest, most playful n loving kitten I've met in a long time. My cat, however, does not like other cats, making for interesting interactions. I was thinking about making weekend cat porn a tradition, so this'll give me a chance to stock up on good shots.
The new poll is courtesy of Clem, with minor modifications by me.
I'll take a look at what Megan's been up to today later tonight, but there's also a hot tub and an empty, beautiful beach looking out on the Gulf of Mexico to spend quality time with.
Oh yeah, n happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant poll. Would not have fit, but Lindsey Graham? I heard him on CSPAN radio the other day having a hissy-fit about funding for troops and half expected him to break into song. Lindsey Graham and Zac Efron, separated at birth?

Adam Eli Clem said...

Thanks, Anon. Yeah, I tried to stick to pundits, so Graham would not have fit. (I think the only change Brad made was to substitute Pammy Atlas for Rich "The Shame of Vassar" Miniter.) It should be noted that when Larry Craig was going all wide-stance and shit, and some predicted a purge of Teh Geys from the GOP, Graham's name popped up.

As for Zac Efron, who are we, Perez Hilton? Actually...y'know...that could be funny for a day. Hmm.

spencer said...

Brad, you're probably not too far away from me. Hope you enjoy the weather, because compared to NYC, that's pretty much all we got.