Thursday, November 8, 2007

(Insert Fitting Radiohead Song Title Here)

I was going to say something about Radiohead, but as I've never consciously heard them, it probably wouldn't be fair. And as mentioned before, virtually no good (that is, interesting to me) music or other cultural production, for that matter, has been made since an indeterminate time in the mid-1980s. Can't remember exactly when everything started to dull me out.

I wonder if Megan McA. has any Radiohead tunes on her iPod, or among the thousands of musical items she possesses. Is a song worth less to her if she hasn't paid for it? Or more? Is downloading w/o paying "immoral?" Or just a good thing for her? What does Megan think of Radiohead's "pay what you want for the download" deal? Is that "moral?" It can't be "moral" to give something away, that teaches our children the wrong lesson about productivity enhancement.

Wouldn't music be, by definition, sucky, if it hasn't met the free market test of selling like hot-cakes? Just how well do hot-cakes sell? Better or worse than pancakes? Griddle-cakes?

Am I just blathering here? Alright, I'll stop now.

brad adds:

Megan wrote about Radiohead's most recent release, and it was so bad I didn't even link to it in my ranting reply.

I know RH has nothing to do with Megan, but I haven't been able to stomach the mission this week.

Bouffant's 2¢: (9 November @ 1855 EST)

It may be easier to lock onto one item, rather than attempt to absorb the entire oeuvre & shorterize it. I haven't been in the mood this week either. I wonder if the time change is discombobulating.

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