Friday, November 2, 2007

All A-Twitter About Facebook

You bet I'm old fashionedschool. E-mail & 1½ blogs. And a land telephone line, w/ a corded phone. So the point of Facebook is beyond me. (That's the one for college students, right? MySpace has been ceded to the high schoolers, Tila Tequila, & bands pimping themselves, if I'm correctly informed.) Unless it's to tell people who want to be your "Facebook friend" to fuck off unless you already know them, as Megan's now done for the second time.

The people who don't know me who are following me on Twitter . . . well, you're more than welcome to, but do you mind if I ask what you get out of knowing that I frequent the Townhouse Tavern on Wednesday, or that I'm going to Costco tomorrow?
One benefit would be avoiding the Townhouse Tavern on Wednesdays, & staying away from Costco tomorrow. [Rimshot!! "I'm here for the foreseeable future. Don't try the veal, it's immoral."]

Again, strictly old school here (Hah!! Ancient, out of touch & proud of it, is more like it) but is Twitter stalking you? Don't you have to advise Twitter of what you're doing? And what do people who do know you get from following you? They probably already know that you're holding up the bar @ the Townhouse Tavern every Wednesday. And why would anyone care if or when you're going to Costco? (One advantage to this obsessive listing of activity: Perhaps retail "associates" & waitstaff won't have to listen to as many "I'm at Kinko's...making, what are you doing?" or "I'm at the Ivy, trying the veal" conversation halves.)

Or maybe the question that should be asked is: "What do people get from compulsively exposing their lives for all to see?" We all stop to look at the train wreck, it's human nature. So why not keep the trainwreck to oneself, rather than ask, "Oh, why are you looking at me when I'm standing here naked shouting, 'Look at me!!'?"

By the way, I had no idea Megan's activities were available on Twitter, & now that I do I have no intention of following them. Really.

Megastats: Haven't been any lately because I had no DSL, nor did I have the patience to keep a close eye on A. I. at dial speeds. Now that the DSL is back, & once she's back from 'Nam, we'll get right back on it.

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