Friday, November 23, 2007

Employer's Paradise

Ms. McArdle manages a further item today. I may be reading between the lines here, but it seems her idea of a better world is one in which there is an endless supply of laborers, each family has a "quiver full," & the workers labor until they drop at their cash registers, monitors, or on the shop floor, at which time they are immediately, seamlessly replaced by another member of the "labor supply." The nerve of proletarians, wanting to enjoy the fruits of being worked like mules for 40+ yrs. Hmpf.

So let's outlaw both contraception & abortion, & make it absolutely clear that a woman's primary (if not sole) duty to the statecorporation is to supply laborers & breeders. Maybe we could outlaw a lot of advances in medicine as well. Fewer old people (they're all cranky & smelly anyway) & an increase in infant & child mortality to get the ladies to do their duty. Then we can get on w/ "increasing productivity" until the entire planet is paved over.

Nothing about the "morality" of bearing children merely to force them to support older people has been mentioned anywhere. Even though we know it's wrong to expect anyone to support any one else, or provide health care for anyone else. Isn't it?

And when McMegan's carpal tunnel syndrome or whatever finally prevents her from expressing herself, her lack of offspring should effectively preclude her from any aid or assistance, shouldn't it? No exceptions. Just because you're so repellent or whatever you can't reproduce (& I proudly include myself in that category) doesn't mean you deserve a break. You made the choice not to be good parenting/breeding material. It's only fair that you should pay for it.

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