Thursday, November 29, 2007

Unnecessary Taunting, Offense, 15 Yards

Taunting? One must assume that the lock was rendered useless by the theft, & was probably crummy to begin w/. Why should the "free-lance socialist" take it w/ him/her? Just so Megatron wouldn't feel "taunted?" And is it possible this wasn't a "free-lancer" at all? What if it was a socialist sleeper cell?

Need I remind any one that property is theft?

I remember something about how large (at least in comparison to her NYC crib) MM's D. C. apartment is. Couldn't she have kept the bicycle inside? Wouldn't that be the "moral choice?"

Further taunting (& just plain cheap shotting):

11:00pm - 12:00am, TLC
World's Tallest Woman
A profile of 7-foot, 8-inch Yao Defen, a 37-year-old Chinese woman whose height is a due to a benign brain tumor pressing on her pituitary gland [.] TVPG (CC)
Brain tumor, you say?

P. S.: While I did steal from Megan today (by going to get a food stamp card) I was in West Los Angeles, not the District of Columbia. So don't try to lay this one on me, copper!

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