Thursday, November 29, 2007


Another view (from the world's most attractive semi-literate Christ-o-blogger) on the absolute necessity of vouchers if the minds & souls of the poor "kids" whose parents can't keep them repressed in this hideously smutty society are to be saved.

Our public schools are no longer safe havens from those who gladly give little girls hormonal pills. Expect this practice to come into your schools. Be vigilant and prepared to stop it.


Many Americans are beginning to understand that it is no longer wise to send your children to public schools. It is best that you sacrifice and do without the tiniest of luxuries so that you can send your child to a parochial school. Many private schools have private donors to help pay for your children's education.

Home schooling is a fastest growing phenomenon. Every child is entitled to a public education. However, public education is not entitled to every child. Many parents are willing to take their kids away from the harmful influence of liberal infiltrated, public educational system.
Also mentioned was the Utah pro-voucher referendum, which was defeated earlier this month. Oh, pesky democracy!
Sex education in public school is a ruse. Our youths are inundated with different sexual life style choices and not being taught the proper restrains concerning their own bodies.

There was a time when the whole of our population protected family values and understood right from wrong. Our public schools were a reflection of the times. Good moral values were of no debate. Our children were protected. That is no longer the case.
Alright, alright, Ms. McArdle's voucher fetishization isn't (openly) based on this sort of foolishness, but if nothing else we need a distraction from the financial holocaust that isn't going to happen.

Bouffant adds (1658 EDT): Not to mention a respite from the racial holocaust we're not helping to bring about.

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