Sunday, November 18, 2007

Random Notes

"It's got dots, the commissioner likes dots." "Fuck you and your dots."
Gawd I love The Wire. Now, the dots.

  • We can has been blogrolled by (the good) Roger Ailes. Hello, Roger-readers. Don't let the cat porn fool you, we're mostly about the masochistic act of reading Megan's work and making others watch as we recoil in horror at the worst bits. Y'know, for the kids.*
  • New poll time soon, n this time I'm putting it on Clem n M. to come up with an idea. Yah hear me, punks?
  • Megan is afraid of cockroaches. Someone will be around to collect her "tough native NYCer" badge soon after she's back in the country.
*- The Hudsucker Proxy did not suck, dammit.

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