Friday, November 2, 2007

Secretive Jargon & Shorthand

Payroll jobs. Does that mean I should get some training in payroll clerking? Is the Payroll Dep't. the real growth sector in the economy? Oh, no, it's more economic jargon or shorthand or something. Does it actually mean non-exempt employees, or, to use a little jargon/shorthand of our own: wage-slaves?

Payroll jobs grew by 166,000 last month. I don't know what's keeping this economy going, but whatever it is, I want some.
Isn't it your job to "know what's keeping this economy going?" Why would you say that in the first place? Is there a reason "this economy's" continued "going" is a surprise? Please let me know, I may have to make some adjustments to my portfolio. I want some too.

Of course, it may be consumer spending keeping it going. On the credit card. And consumers may have trouble re-financing their houses to pay off their credit card debts. Then the whole house of cards may fall down. But that's just me. I'm just not a cheery Reaganesque optimist. Maybe because I'm not demented.

No, the link didn't work for me either. May well be the NYT 's fault though. They weren't expecting the hits once McMegan linked to the story.

brad adds:

You can has answer.
Update Sorry, a commenter says he doesn't know what Payroll jobs are. There are two surveys used to determine employment levels: payrolls (which surveys companies about their hiring), and household, which surveys people. The payroll survey is generally regarded as a more accurate barometer.
You're just "a commenter", M. She's sooooooo coy.

M. B. adds:

Well, I do try to be polite when visiting. Maybe she doesn't look at this. Or brad gets all the blame ("friend of an ex-boyfriend" or whatever that was) as he perhaps should.

Also, here's the correct link from her item. It was her fault. Too much trouble for her to check links once the item is up, I guess. Or to get them right in the first place. I could swear on a stack of Das Kapitals that I'd posted an update w/ the correct link. Have I been edited, or am I simply incompetent?

brad answers:

Probably got lost somehow while I was messing with the template to get them purty shaded blockquote boxes earlier.

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