Monday, September 15, 2008


it's like she's trying to do our work for us. I really don't understand why she refuses to fix typos, maybe she takes pride in displaying a complete ignorance of the actual content of anything critical of her.

Obama goes for the jungular [sic]:

Obama is seeking to blame the current crisis on the Bush Administration:
instead of the magic fairies who actually changed the regulatory scope and expectations of being held to the remaining regulations by the government of all sorts of financial institutions, leading to wild speculation that made a small number of folk rich in the short term but fucked the economy horribly in the long term. Obama apparently doesn't believe in the magic fairies, and says we need a return to a culture of common sense regulation. Instead of responding to this argument, Megan claims Obama is against giving poor people loans, as opposed to favoring giving them non-predatory loans based on the financial capabilities of the recipient rather than the lender's desire to assume large debt loads. I'd quote her, but it's just so much yelling at strawbabies. The amount of dishonesty in her response to Obama's words is staggering, even for her. Megan simply won't acknowledge an argument she can't respond to.

Oh yeah, and in the doing our job for us category, there's also this
These [people with bad credit] are, mind you, the same people that five years ago the Democrats wanted to help enjoy the many booms [sic] of homeownership.
And busts, apparently.


spencer said...

I think we all know that "jungular" is a racist Freudian slip.

After all, Megan's previous work has made it perfectly clear how she feels about Those People.

Anonymous said...

Right. Because Commander Bunnypants didn't trumpet home ownership every goddamned chance he had. Jeezus how I hate Republicans. And even more so, Republicans who pretend to be libertarians.

Anonymous said...

Not only does she make the spelling error, but she doesn't bother to correct it. Maybe she doesn't know how to use her blogging software correctly?

Anonymous said...

I imagine that, as a capital-'L' Libertarian, Megan is increasingly finding herself in roughly the same position as a hardline Soviet Communist in the 1970s and 1980s.