Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Almost Shorter

More Reasons to Hate the CPSIA:

The ability of large corporations to ignore or game regulatory systems means we should not try to regulate large corporations. Instead we should rely on the good nature of corporations which are, disgustingly, legally required to only consider the well being of their shareholders. Sure Mattel was caught selling toxic toys, but the fact that they paid off enough pols to be exempted from the regulations put in place after that oopsie clearly shows they have no intent to continue making such 'mistakes', so there was no need to try to regulate them in the first place.
Seriously, if corporate corruption is more powerful than the efforts to reign it in, why try? Just let them pay you off, too, and move on with your life. So some kids get lead poisoning, shit happens.

Oops, my bad on the duplication.

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