Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm Not Crazy

further adventures in false equivalency.

Department of Lunatic Fringes:

Anything I don't agree with is a conspiracy theory, no matter how well documented, which means the left is so just as bad as the right wing extremists who in no way make up the base of my readership or the right in general. Sure, I excuse my own bad behavior with "9/11 9/11!", but only I get to use a trauma to our national psyche to explain mistakes. Also, I'm still implicitly agreeing with the idea that the election of a black man as President was a comparable mental trauma.
The point is Michael Moore is fat.
And yes, the comments to this are as bad as you'd expect. Suspicion of Diebold is kooky, but death panels are real and questioning Obama's birth is just a natural question. He's black, haven't you noticed that? Geez.

Playing With Fire:

Why are Jon Henke and I firing into our own ranks on the birther nonsense? Wouldn't it be better to take on Democrats?
Well, two answers to this. First, the WND folks are not, in any sense of the word, my people. I supported Obama, remember?
And she still does, in no way, shape, or form, should her entirely principled opposition to poor people being permitted medicine be misconstrued as her joining in the efforts to make health care reform Obama's Waterloo.
And Megan? Who do you think Dan Riehl and Red State are? You link to them, they are your people. And they are WND, there's no actual difference. And sure, wow, birthers are bad, but you dance around deathers with enough words for them to find support in your work, quite intentionally, as you know your most dedicated commenters believe it, and you keep saying the armed gun nuts, who happen to frequently be birthers, by their own fucking words, are just silly but good, normal people who are worried about them SEIU thugs. Unions bad!
And once again, the impact of the psychic trauma of 9/11 on truthers is apparently equivalent to the impact of a black President on birthers, same shit different day. Only Megan was allowed to be at all affected by 9/11, not, say, those of us who lived across the street from her on the UWS at the time. (Weird but true fact. On 9/11, she and I were neighbors.*)

There Oughta Be A Law:

Megan's iPhone or Kindle got stolen, and she is maaaaaaaaad. When things affect her, they're important. When it's a lack of basic health care for all that she totally experienced too for a few years after college when all she had was her parents' wealth to rely on in an emergency, well, that's not worth hurting the profit margin to deal with. She managed, that's all that matters. And now she has a health plan that gives her free psychoactive drugs to drown the bad thoughts with, so everybody (who matters, to her) wins!

When Good Polls Go Bad:

My gut understanding of people is more statistically valid than professional polls, especially when the two clash. Do you really think people care about stuff? People who aren't supers like me and everyone I associate with here in Eliteland are too dumb to think about more than one or two things at a time.
The American public feels very strongly about every single issue you ask them about. Forgive me if I think that most Americans are not wearing themselves to a frazzle over all of the following: healthcare, immigration, the economy, unemployment, the budget deficit, taxes, terrorism, the environment, energy, gas prices, our relations with other countries, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I get exhausted just typing it.
I don't even care about most of these things, why should anyone else?

Bonus stupid hypocrisy:
The relative numbers matter--people clearly do care about health care and the budget deficit more than Afghanistan. But the absolute numbers are nearly worthless.
Things that confirm my beliefs are accurate, things that don't are not. I am smart. So very smart. I am a self proclaimed expert in the field of expertise, and I have a few former D students and engineers who agree, I win (again)!

Mental Illness Break:
Maybe it's because I'm not a sports fan, but I want to hop up and down on his editors desk, waving a game of Clue and shouting "What on earth were you thinking?"
.... Jail the Jena 6? Waiting for an iPhone was like being a refugee? How many examples do you want, Megan? You've provided roughly one a week, at minimum.

No, I'm not doing any nutpicking of that truthers=birthers post. I know there's a goldmine there, but I'm not feeling strong enough for it today.

*- or maybe not, I don't know when she moved across the street from my old place on West 95th. It might even have been after I moved downtown the following year, I'm not going to try to find out. I think that's all the unnecessary detail I can add here.


Susan of Texas said...

Maybe McArdle wants us to see that she *isn't* the worst "jounalist" in the world.

Meanwhile I see she's so over Iraq and Afghanistan. I guess she can just forget about it now that it's not getting votes for the Republican party anymore.

arguingwithsignposts said...

I supported Obama, remember?

I remember that she didn't VOTE for Obama because she was too lazy to register. Some support there, Me-again.

clever pseudonym said...

I want to hop up and down on his editors [sic] desk, waving a game of Clue and shouting "What on earth [sic] were you thinking?"

Am I the only one who whinced at what an awful stab at humor that was? The only funny part about it is that I wonder what on Earth her editors are thinking every damn day.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, I only got warned by MM. After all that - she must actually think i'm the original Basic Fact.

Or, she's realised that insults are actually the only thing which fuels her comments.

Mr. Wonderful said...



Anonymous said...

was looking for an book review on marginal revolution - found this completely by chance - priceless considering her recent posts:

"As I get older, though, I've figured out how I do it: I skip things. This may seem obvious, but I actually had to catch myself doing it; it is not a conscious process, and if I think about it, I can't do it. Somehow, my brain selects chunks of text that it thinks won't convey new information, and avoids them."

clever pseudonym said...

I actually remember that post, if only for the stupidity of the pissing contest that ensued in the comments over who could read the fastest. Funny, I thought the whole point of reading was either to learn or for the leisurely enjoyment of it, not to get it over with as fast as possible or to cross some imaginary finish line.

Anonymous said...

they share that stupidity with Bush and rove, who had a book reading contest during his 2nd term.

Not like he had anything important to do.