Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Slander of Peaceful Gun Nuts

Megan must be steaming mad at TPM, yet again.

When 32-year-old Josh Hendrickson left his house for a protest outside President Obama's health care rally in Minneapolis Saturday, he considered whether to go armed.
When he typically goes out, he told the Star-Tribune, "I grab my wallet, my keys and my gun."
Hendrickson then revealed to the Strib reporter that he recently got out of jail:
"I'm a pretty laid-back guy that loves his kids and his country," Hendrickson said.
He added, however, that he had just been released from jail a month earlier on an assault charge for pepper-spraying a customer at a Cub Foods in Brooklyn Center, where he worked as a security guard.
See, now the courts are preemptively jailing these poor, peaceful gun nuts merely for assaulting people. Will the attacks ever stop?

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clever pseudonym said...

Because every "laid-back guy" I know never leaves his house without a gun, just in case he has to shoot somebody in a "laid-back" fashion.