Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Fool or the Fool Who Follows Her?

Megan pulls off a joke (I'll generously call it intentional) that actually makes me smile by titling her most recent post "Department of Education." A rare feat indeed, though not as rare as the commentors. (If only)

The post itself is short and stupid, but the real fun is in seeing Megan's fans go wild. When "aMouseforallseasons" is the voice of sanity in your comment thread, you know you're preaching to the choir. The Arkham Choir.

This is awesome. Alsadius informs us of the various faults of some of our most recent presidents:

Yes, Obama has been a pretty awful President so far. But let's compare him to some of the others elected in the last 50 years:

- Kennedy: Drug-addled fool
- Johnson: Unmitigated asshole
- Nixon: Flagrant criminal
- Carter: Bigger socialist than Obama, with none of the backbone
- GW Bush: Abysmal public speaker
Funnily enough, cross out the "drug" and Reagan had the same faults as Kennedy!


bulbul said...

Do you mean Arkham, as in the Asylum?
Also, hooooly shit*3, are these people for real? Especially those fuckers who replied to you - I mean, come on, they HAVE to be kidding. CP, Susan, Mr. Wonderful, fess up!

clever pseudonym said...

It wasn't me. I've never commented on Megan's site, and certainly wouldn't consider it now that it requires registration.

NutellaonToast said...

Yeah, I did mean Arkham, I guess. I'm not current on my Batman spellings.

mw said...

So the insane pre-emptive spazz out over Obama's school speech is the same as the Dems' post-speech reaction to GHWB's 1991 political speech to schoolkids?

Megan never met a false equivalency she didn't like.

bulbul said...

I think I can fill in the missing pieces:
- Clinton: sex-crazed pervert
- Johnson: the biggest socialist of them all, couldn't even bomb a third-world nation back to the stone age
- Ford: single-handedly responsible for Chevy Chase's rise to fame

Bill Keane said...

Jeez, those wars and torture were bad, but obviously GWB's greatest crime was his public speaking. That Dick Cheney has terrible dress sense too.