Friday, September 25, 2009

Concern Troll Found in Internet Pile-On

dog bites man, there will be weather.

I get the feeling Megan is using ACORN as a proxy for all the PIRGs and other organizations she genuinely hates but doesn't actually know enough about to legitimately criticize. I certainly can't recall her foaming at the mouth about ACORN prior to this manufactured bullshit, but a safe target is a safe target. She needs red meat like this to balance out the Limbaugh/Beck non-total fealty moments that inevitably get walked back or "balanced" with weak equivocation. And let's face it, she doesn't have problems with the basic ideologies of Rush and Beck, she just thinks they could put a fake smile on and pretend to listen to liberals before enabling their corporate masters. She doesn't like that they say much the same thing as her but are more honest about the assholery underlying viewing capitalism as a religion, making it harder for her to pretend her views are rational.
I'd look at her latest droolings on ACORN, but masturbatory grade outrage is just gross, and I don't want to wade in too deep. Let's just jump to the conclusion;

Liberals have legitimate reason to be mournful--they think ACORN does good work. But no organization is irreplaceable. Voters can be registered, tax advice proffered, and federal monies disbursed without ACORN's dubious help.
And here's the necessary intentional ignorance. ACORN just happens to be corrupt, the actual issue is noooooo way the work they do, or more specifically the skin color(s) of the people the organization helps. Movement conservatives just had a sixth sense that ACORN is actually a prostitution ring involving international sex slaves, so they did what the FBI and Interpol couldn't and busted them. Or maybe Rush and Beck and the rest knew ACORN was doing this because they kept hearing it from the prostitutes they frequent, just before strangling them to death.
The hypocrisy involved in defending the current banking system while demonizing ACORN has been pointed out by a number of people in Megan's comments so I won't belabor the point here. A handful of now former low level employees were guilty of the astonishing "crime" of listening to two crazy people talk about their plan to import human sex slaves and playing along to keep them going, one even notifying the police about the encounter. Social workers are just gullible, as anyone who's ever known any can tell you.

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ChicagoEd said...

"ACORN appears to be trying to avoid this fate [discovery] by suing for intentional infliction of emotional distress rather than defamation (for which truth is an absolute defense)."

Anyone know where Megan gets this emotional distress stuff? I Googled Acorn and IIED and got one result--Megan, of course.

She obviously doesn't even know what Acorn is suing for so she just makes shit up. They're suing, every press report makes clear, because they were illegally secretly recorded without having given their consent--which is a crime in Maryland (remember Linda Tripp?). But that's not good enough for Megan. She has to throw out words and concepts that she obviously knows nothing about. Do you think Megan can tell us what intentional infliction of emotional distress is? And WTF is she talking about defamation for? Defamation has nothing to do with anything related to the reports I read about this lawsuit. Acorn isn't saying that the videotape is a forgery--that would be defamation.

Then this: "But that just makes it more likely that the case will be removed to federal court and dismissed." WTF? Why would the case get automatically dismissed once a federal judge gets it? True, federal judges tend to be more conservative than Baltimore judges, I'd wager (not surprising given 20 years of the Rethugs politicizing the judiciary). But just because a judge is conservative doesn't mean an automatic dismissal of Acorn's case. Federal and state judge apply the same law. If the claim is valid in state court, it's valid in federal court. Megan, of course, won't explain why federal court is so bad for Acorn, probably because it's not true, first, and second, Megan is making shit up. She's really nothing more than a mini Jason Blair. But at least he wrote things that had some entertainment value.