Thursday, September 17, 2009

Biting the Hand that Pats You

Short Megan McArdle:

Holy shit, my commentors are such knee jerk conservative sycophants that even I can't take it anymore. Fucking morons with the temerity to disagree with me.

I'm not sure which is more hilarious; that Megan took this long to realize that The Big Fat Idiot is openly racist, or that her following thinks that Limbaugh would actually go after a conservative trope, let alone be sophisticated enough to do so with satire.

Update: New words, all hers:
And yes, I think that the people who are claiming that Rush is inciting a race war or a revolution are also humorless twits.
Huh-Ha! The imaginary liberal response is just as bad as the actual Limbaugh thing that happened! It's a tie!

Update II: I don't know how I missed the genius that is Megan saying "I could not possibly like Rush Limbaugh less" one second and then claiming that accusing him of "inciting a race war" is beyond the pale the next, but there you have it. Once again she is stupid on so many levels that no mere mortal can keep track of them all.


clever pseudonym said...

What I think is hilarious is how little Megan understands her audience; she just called most of them idiots by implying they were too stupid to recognize satire when they see it.

When did she become a "west coast liberal"?

bulbul said...

Dammit, dammit, dammit!
Once, just once, I'd like to be the first one to make the obvious joke. First Colbert and his "muslims' long fight for Irish independence", and now Fraggle Rock beats me to the punch line. It appears I must - bleh - paraphrase him:
Well, cp, at least she's no longer pretending to be a libertarian :)

bulbul said...

I love this line:
Rather, they criticize Limbaugh on the basis of reading someone else's summary of what Limbaugh said.
Yeah, like MediaMatters doesn't put on clips of what Rush actually said on their website every fucking day.

clever pseudonym said...

Aren't all libertarians technically pretending to be libertarians since that label pretty much means a Republican still childishly worried that others will think s/he is uncool?

blivet said...

Judging by what Megan's commenters are posting, if you say something in a smart-ass tone of voice that makes it "satire" and therefore OK.

Dhalgren said...

She is the only pundit - wannabe or real - who declares so many 'draws' in political debates. If she finds herself forced to conceede that a well-funded Right Wing media baron is wrong, then dammit, the dirty hippies have to bear equal blame as well.

bulbul said...

God, she's stupid. She just double-posted a 'Mental Health Break', right above a post titled 'A Susbidy By Any Other Name Still Smells Rotten'. And wait till you read that one, it's a beauty.

bulbul said...

Me again, putting 'obsessional' into 'obsessional critics':
I mean, seriously, she really said this while arguing that the private sector is better than government:
Libertarians are often, even usually, the kind of geeks who want to go into space. Shouldn't libertarians support increasing NASA's budget to $7 trillion?
Say, how many trips to the moon, space stations and space telescopes have been launched by the private sector in the last, oh I dunno, 50 years?

bulbul said...

And on and on she goes...
If people, in their role as consumers, decide that the new pharmaceuticals coming out aren't worth their price, and decline to buy them, I like that too.

A reasonable assumption, because as every economist knows, people are perfectly rational beings, especially when their health is involved.

because after all, [liberals] don't really mean anything they say about market failures--it's all just a fig leaf for their ideological mission to destroy the private sector.
Comrades, she is on to us! She has seen through our disguise, cleverly exposed our lies about how we want to make sure every sick person receives the treatment they need at a reasonable cost and discovered our true purpose, the restablishment of the Soviet Union of yore. No point hiding it now, tovarishchi, ve might as vell give up...

clever pseudyonym said...

Not to mention she's used that "Mental Health Break" title like three times in a week.