Monday, September 28, 2009


fuck Christopher Hitchens. Yes, he's literate, but he's also a self-involved bandwagon jumping lush who wants to identify the "right" positions in any given media environment so he can act self-righteous about having adopted them 5 minutes ago. And he takes advantage of his students.
Anyway, Megan.

Why Goldman Always Wins:

Megan's employment history and the original theatrical release of Star Wars show that even if rich people don't deserve all the money they get there's really no reason to try to stop them or change the system, they'll just game the new system, too. And let's not forget that the people who matter made money off the housing bubble, these foreclosures aren't all bad.

Healthcare: Parsing the Polls:

The only valid numbers in polls are the ones Megan decides to see in them, regardless of whether they're there. She's an expert in the field of expertise and very good at math, so there.

The New Profit Picture:

When I was talking about pharma's role in innovation, a lot of people confused this with being pro-pharma. The implication was that I should be in favor of anything that's good for Big CDrugs. This is sort of like thinking that because I like watching Derek Jeter play baseball, I would also enjoy watching him stab a puppy to death.
*sigh* Who are you trying to fool, Megan? Ezra? He's not being paid to pretend you're intelligent anymore, remember?

The Twitter Revolution:
Mickey Kaus has goat cum on his chin asks a good question:
... people still watch SNL?

No Money Down!:

A book by the owner of a small bank busted for rampant mortgage fraud makes the uncontroversial claim that the author/owner had nothing to do with the crimes committed under his watch but that the gubbermint forced his poor employees to take advantage of barely middle class folk with limited economic literacy via mortgages they'd never be able to pay. There's no reason to question his word, so bankers are blameless, even the ones the author/owner is throwing under the bus for a distraction. It was the system, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. We can only hope their ill gotten gains soothe the pain he and his former employees must be feeling over having been manipulated into enriching themselves at the cost of their customers.

Ok, time for me to go play in the rain.


FGFM said...

Oh, I am so surprised that an elite Wall Street firm did not want to extend an offer to Megan McArdle. Tell us more about Hitch taking advantage of his students.

brad said...

I can't do that, much as I want to. I know what I know is true, but I don't know it firsthand and can't get into how I know it to be true without giving away the source. All I can do is make vague innuendos, alas.

clever pseudonym said...

Christ, have you ever seen Christopher Hitchens? I don't want the mental image of that guy taking advantage of anybody. Thank you very much for your discretion, Brad.

Mr. Wonderful said...

Criticizing Jon Stewart on the basis of his book is like criticizing Hitchens as an actor on the basis of his appearance on tv.

Unknown said...

My desire to take comedy lessons from Mr. "the-black-dyke-got-it-wrong" is pretty low.

Dhalgren said...

Do we know if Hitch's indiscretions occurred while or after his tenure at The Nation? I would assume after. He really became a wacko after he lost that gig. He was never on the wagon. He was always a drunkard, and at times, a great essay writer and debator. But then once the Lewinsky scandal hit, he made it his mission to do what McArdle does now...wave the finger at both sides, often one side more than the other.

nilsey said...

about the hitchens article.... there are a few things that are more pathetic than someone trying to explain how NOT funny something else is. especially in however many 1000s of words that article was.

talk about sour grapes. jeez.