Thursday, September 10, 2009


she has diarrhea of the keyboard again. These have to be shorter, for the sake of the children.


Sure, we all already paid to keep the banks solvent with our tax dollars, but

The banks need to repay TARP and get out from under the eye of their legislators, and the banking business is only getting more competitive as customers can shop tiny differences in interest rates. Bounced check fees are drying up, because people no longer write many checks.
If we don't cover those costs someone who matters might have to not buy something hideously expensive and unnecessary, she's fine with sacrificing so they don't have to. Especially since she won't really be the one sacrificing.

For another, more than 50% of [teachers unions'] membership are, definitionally, average or below-average. Merit pay is probably not a good deal for them. Especially if they've spent valuable years of their lives acquiring useless M. Ed. degrees.
There's almost a hint of self-awareness here. She has the useless MBA, the IT program certificate that she learned was useless only after completing, and she's definitely a below average blogger and thinker. Alas, she projects this onto teachers, instead of asking whether she deserves her salary.

Preview: Obama's Health Care Speech:
Looking ahead to the speech, I think there are four key pillars of any health care plan: guaranteed issue, community rating, an individual mandate, and a subsidy.
Gee, a reform opponent doesn't think the public option is key, that sure was relevant to what Obama was going to say.
Then she says all the Republican lies aren't lies because they make her feel warm inside to believe, and that the Repub failure to privatize Social Security shows something or other that blahdefuckingblah. But remember, polls that agree with her preconceived ideas are the ones that are scientifically valid, and Obama's ability to communicate won't affect those polls because
vague things tend to poll better than specific things. Vague things are a blank slate upon which you can project your wishes. Specific things have actual drawbacks.

Running Thoughts on the Obama Speech:

Jebus fuck. Random selections from these "thoughts";
Obama is dropping a lot of statistics about the uninsured, including a note that one in three Americans will be uninsured at some point over the course of two years. I wonder if this isn't counterproductive. When you get to numbers that size, people start gut checking them against their experience, and that of their neighbors. Have one in three of the people you know gone without treatment because they were uninsured? Not so much, particularly if you're not an immigrant, or under the age of thirty.
Because who knows any immigrants or young people?
Reforms will not insure illegal immigrants. Democrats boo: bad move. What about legal immigrants, though? Paying for their health insurance is not going to be much more popular than paying for the illegals.
Dirty brownies dirty brownies!!!!!!!!!
"Consumers do better when there is choice and competition". As a friend tweets, why not school vouchers, then?
..... why are you hitting yourself, nerd, huh, huh?
The complaints about Republicans at the end also didn't sound, to me, like they'll play well. Right now, more voters are on their side than yours. Don't tell them they're gullible dupes, and/or mean-spirited obstructionists.
The Silent Majority has risen again and will send this uppity blackamoor to defeat immediately after he's reelected. Mhm.
To sum up, she saw what she wanted to see.

Health Care Speech: Wrapup:

No, we opponents of reform don't actually have any legitimate arguments, so we're left to try to delay and obstruct as much as possible. The new talking point is "start over", which is not at all a stalling tactic, and Megan is on board with it. She's even decided it polls well, since she knows what polls really mean. N yeaaaaaaaah, Obama probably 'won' the night, but just wait till we get some new lies going.

Waste, Fraud and Abuse:

In retrospect, Megan remains unconvinced, and isn't that what matters?
Plus, now if Obama doesn't pass reform any problems in Medicaid and Medicare will totally be all on him. Heh, indeed.

Why Has Obama Downgraded the Number of Uninsured?:

Concern troll remains concerned.

Forcing a Filibuster:

Not allowing insane people to sit on the Federal bench is just like trying to prevent poor people from getting health care. Also, don't look at the actual number of filibusters used by the Republicans since 2006 versus historical norms, as you might learn something. Also also, the filibuster is only of questionable Constitutionality when Dems use it.

The Joe Wilson Backlash:
One wild-card in all of this is how Congressman Joe Wilson's shout of "Liar!" when Obama said that his plan wouldn't cover illegal immigrants.
English major.
Overall, I can't see how this could help triggering sympathy for Obama. But I don't know if the effect will be big enough to make much difference. I do know that the Republicans had better play very, very nice for the rest of this debate.
..... what?
Also, apparently the Repubs haven't been demonizing brown people enough, an idea which intrigues Megan.

Confessions of a Swing Voter:

Megan is important, so her mom is, too. Sure, Mom voted for Bush in 2000 when he lost the election, but her Swing Voter powwwwwar forced the Supreme Court to intervene and make things right. She can even make a candidate win without voting at all, and Obama didn't even thank her.
And Mom thought it was rude to shout at the President while he was making a speech to a Joint Session of Congress.
Until we get more reliable polls, I would assume that this was the general sentiment among independents.
And Nate Silver wept, or would if he bothered to read her.

Please take a three day weekend, Megan. Please.


clever pseudonym said...

Bounced check fees are drying up, because people no longer write many checks.

Uh....which have been replaced by "overdraft coverage" fees for people who use their ATM cards to buy stuff in place of checks. Most banks no longer decline transactions if you don't have the funds to cover them (within limits, of course). They allow them through and then charge you $30+ bucks per transaction. They're probably making as much money from this as they formerly did with bounced check fees.

arguingwithsignposts said...

my mother is usually a surprisingly reliable barometer of public sentiment.


Talking with a colleague today about a previous McArdle error, and we both shook our head in wonder that this person remains in the employ of the Atlantic.

Ken Houghton said...

She has used the mother claim before.

"Have one in three of the people you know gone without treatment because they were uninsured? Not so much, particularly if you're not an immigrant, or under the age of thirty."

Yes. But I'm a middle-aged, white, UMC member who doesn't live in the DC area. Unlike Megan, I guess.

"Reforms will not insure illegal immigrants. Democrats boo: bad move."

I believe they were booing Joe Wilson (R-SC), since I didn't hear any booing before he made the declaration that has Andrew Samwick sucking him off.

"The complaints about Republicans at the end also didn't sound, to me, like they'll play well. Right now, more voters are on their side than yours."

What color is the sky in McMeganWorld?

Mr. Wonderful said...

Will someone kindly tell me what makes anyone think MM's political analyses are worth the pixels they're not-printed on? How are they any different, in irrelevance and absence of competence, from her product recommendations or French toast recipes?

Is this how it works? You get a paid specialist blogging gig and decide you're worth attending to about EVERYTHING?

NutellaonToast said...

That's why they call her. She is expert.

brad said...

She is an expert in the field of expertise. Once you get that badge by being hired somewhere, there's pretty much no way to lose it.