Thursday, September 24, 2009

Her Ignorance Is Everyone's Limit

Arrividerci [sic], Acorn:

I have to say, I'm finding the defenses of ACORN pretty ridiculous. ACORN is not going down because there's a conservative media conspiracy, or other explanation du jour. There is clearly something deeply wrong with the organization. One or two bad apples could be explained away, but six, across the country, indicates that at the very least, their HR policy is very troubled. There's no way to defend this.
Mhm. Concern troll is EXTREMELY concerned. And quite consciously unaware of the fact that a number of those "bad apples" were in fact quite aware of what was going on and reverse fucking with the obvious wannabe conservative Borats in front of them, or that those mostly false positives were the only hits in a much larger, well funded, extensive "raid" that was mostly fail upon fail. And still, people have lost their jobs, a few deservedly, yes, and funding has been denied, albeit often symbolically, which is to say not really, you'd think conservative concern trolls could just declare "mission accomplished" and move on. But no, ACORN still exists and tries to help dusky folk, they must be stopped, the organization must die.
Then she provides an empty link that should be to an admittedly weak Tomasky piece that lets her remain concerned and ignorant.
It's not as if most people first heard of ACORN when Breitbart started to go after them; they're on the news radar because they are a massive nationwide organization that takes millions of tax dollars every year. Complaining that the left is somehow being unfairly targeted because a regional company that tricked "dozens" of people into registering with the wrong party--not falsely registering, not preventing them from voting, but registering as Republicans--didn't grip the national consciousness in the same way as seeing ACORN activists offer advice on camera to help someone smuggle their illegal underage El Salvadoran hookers into the country--well, the mind boggles.
Your mind boggles easily, Megan, even when it's not being paid to. Most people first heard of ACORN when McCain's surrogates and Palin started screeching about them last summer, probably.
And here's the rest of the post, without comment. Such blatant concern trolling needs nothing added.
Nor is it some act of extraordinary courage that led ACORN to appoint an independent panel. At this point, ACORN's shelf life is probably about 90 days. This was not a bold, gutsy move; it's a desperate hail mary pass. Appointing an independent panel is what all organizations do when something truly indefensible has happened. I'm sure Arthur Anderson appointed an independent panel to find out why they'd been peddling their integrity to the nice folks at Enron.
There are times when, no matter how much you like them, you need to throw one of your own off the bus. Democrats need to recognize that this is one of those times. There is no upside to defending the indefensible. All it does is throw your credibility after theirs.
This, by the way, is why Megan talked mild crap about Rush Limbaugh. She took a stand, now us Dems need to follow her.


Anonymous said...

Never mind also the fact that the employee who dispensed advice on the underage hookers called the police to report them. That is completely irrelevant. In fact it simply further proves Megan's point that ACORN is rooted in deceit.

Malaclypse said...

If we are going to shut down ACORN over 6 bad apples, we clearly need to disband the military over the rotten orchard at Abu Ghraib.

NutellaonToast said...

Hey, the new legislation might make that happen.

Anonymous said...

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