Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Literally Not Human?

And hear we see pantomime sympathy engaged in a life and death struggle with being a total fucking hack:

I don't even know what to say about this.
The linked article is about an innocent man put to death for the murder by arson of his three young daughters. Megan feigns shock, but her subsequent black souled bleating indicates she didn't really "read" the article. I mean, she may have looked at the words but taking home its meaning was not something she bothered to do.
I'm against the death penalty for a number of moral and philosophical reasons that have little to do with my fear of executing an innocent man; frankly, I don't think that penning one up like an animal for forty years is all that big of an improvement.
The part before and after the semi-colon don't actually relate to each other. If someone is innocent they tend not to spend 40 years in jail once found to be so, whereas death sort of prevents them ever regaining their freedom. Even following her alleged "train of thought," does she really not consider that maybe, just MAYBE, people would rather not die even if their only alternative would be to spend the rest of their life in jail? Hell, at least in the slammer I could work on my novel
And I doubt that many of the men on death row are innocent.
I guess she missed the part of the article which explains how fire forensics were based on bullshit for decades. we shouldn't begrudge her that, though, seeing as how it was all the way at the end.

Plus, we all know conservatives. They hate the government unless it's killing baddies. That's the only thing it can do right! High speed rail? IT'LL NEVER WORK! Killing people? PERFECT! Government can't fail at that one!
Still. When those who are innocent have evidence of their innocence uncovered, you can give them some shred of their life back. There's not much you can offer a dead man except an apology to whatever portion of his spirit you think may have survived the execution.
Some shred of their life? Not the whole thing? Huh, I understand less about the legal system than I thought.

I love how she struggles here. It's just so fucking transparent how difficult it is for her to give a fuck about anyone besides herself. The idea of giving someone their life back is something she comes to later, after a pause, with a "still" in front of it. Like, WTF is she considering BEFORE she considers not killing people for the completely wrong reasons? Sometimes I wonder whether she's a narcissist or an outright fucking sociopath.


Anonymous said...

"Even following her alleged "train of thought,""


Anonymous said...

"There's not much you can offer a dead man except an apology to whatever portion of his spirit you think may have survived the execution."

Christ, that sentence was so putrid, I actual felt physical pain after reading it. Megan, stop. You write like SHIT. And the word "still" by itself is not a flipping sentence.