Friday, September 18, 2009

More Professionalism

The word "editor" is in her job title.


clever pseudonym said...

I don't know. "Susbidy" does sound like something that would smell pretty bad. Maybe it's one of those special econ words or something from the thesaurus that those of us that aren't as smart and special as Megan don't recognize?

ChicagoEd said...

Anyone else notice that the Business Channel has added a third "editor," somebody named Indiuglio-something or-other? Megan isn't doing shit over at her channel anymore. For the week, Derek Thompson has 21 posts up, Indiciglio has 23 posts up, and Megan, ever the slacker, has a measly 7 posts up for the week.

My guess is that Megan's on her way out. There's no way that Kinsley will put up with her sloppy bullshit when he takes over in January. But I don't think they're going to fire Megan. As long as she's getting invited to be on the NewsHour, she's too valuable to the Atlantic to lose.

My guess is that they make her editor emeritus of the Business Channel, posting occasionally, say twice a day, and let her go back to her blog and post "zany" stuff like the mental health break idiocy and have her talk out of her ass about politics and other things she knows absolutely nothing about. I'm hoping for the return of recipe blogging, but I think even Megan knows she's in way over her head.

Time will tell. But her future looks a lot less bright.

Dillon said...

"I'm hoping for the return of recipe blogging..."

Me too. Unfortunately, McArdle seems to be aware that she will be mocked mercilessly (moreso than usual) if she returns to recipe-blogging.

Since Megan loves to do things to piss off liberals (like buying handguns, shopping at Whole Foods and calling herself Jane Galt), we might be able to use reverse psychology here.

So, I will go on record as stating that I am a liberal DFH who loves teachers' unions and hates Kindles, and if Megan ever recipe-blogs again, I will become so enraged that my head will explode.

clever pseudonym said...

You have to see the recipe blogging for the fun that it can be. It's so obvious that she knows absolutely NOTHING about cooking that it can be really amusing to see her try and fake it. Come on, it's always entertaining to watch an blatant poser in action, much in the way that mocking hipsters never gets old.

Dillon said...

CP,I agree with you and ChicagoEd. Her recipe posts are classics.

My last paragraph was a sarcastic attempt at reverse psychology.

Since Megan is motivated by spite, the way to get her to post recipes is to forcefully demand that she stop posting recipes.

On another topic, I think she writes a Mental Health Break post every time she actually wants to blog about her upcoming wedding (that she said she wouldn't blog about). She's going bananas trying to keep her promise of not discussing her personal life on her blog. Sadly, the Mental Health Break posts are probably working about as well as repeating "Serenity Now" over and over worked for Kramer.

Eventually she is going to snap, and smash Ambinder's laptop into bits with the 2x4 she keeps in her office.

clever pseudonym said...

I don't know how I missed that, Dillon. I'm an idiot.

I would guess that she was too humiliated by all the people pointing out how idiotic her recipe posts to ever write another, but this isn't a woman who readily learns from her mistakes.

NutellaonToast said...

are you kidding? People only made fun of her recipe posts because she's a woman. Don't you remember? She proved taht by pointing out that Ezra blogged about recipes, too.

Susan of Texas said...

Oh god it must kill her to see Klein post about food when she can't.

ChicagoEd said...

Susan, I agree that she must hate not being able to recipe blog any more, but even funnier how about her not being able to guest post anything on her neighbor Corby's blog? Sully lets her post now and again. But fellow food lover Corby doesn't. I wonder why.

Megan puts the odds on a 2010 Democratic House defeat at 66%. What are the odds that anal-retentive, obsessive-compulsive Corby would allow Megan's helter-skelter vomit-inducing mac and cheese recipe on his rarefied blog? What, 0.0% maybe?