Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lots of Shorters

I had a nice little mini vacation from Megan, now back to the stupid.

ObamaCare v. Prescription Drugs, Part II:

Blahblahblahblahblah the debt Bush built up ignoring the nation's needs in favor of tax cuts and wars has nothing to do with the debt Obama's plans to give a shit about people will create blahblahblahblahblah.

Bankruptcy: Comparing Ourselves With Our Neighbor to the North:

Megan doesn't think rising medical costs significantly contribute to bankruptcies, and has a meaningless jumble of numbers to prove it. Why would rising costs at a time when coverage is increasingly likely to be denied for such pre-existing conditions as "being a victim of domestic abuse" lead to people being unable to maintain financial solvency?
They should just ask their parents for help, like Megan would. Sheesh.

The Cost of Health Care Reform:

Sure, the insurance industry intends to continue raising premiums on policies they have no intention of honoring, hell, Megan wrote a post saying we should stop whining and just start preparing to pay half our income for health care, but doing something about that would also cost money, OOGABOOGABOOGA. And in the end, money is what matters, not human lives.

ObamaCare v. Prescription Drugs, Part III:

Remember, if Megan doesn't understand or know something, no one does. Her motivated ignorance and mistakes set limits on human awareness, because she's important.

Your Morning Health Care Roundup: Exeunt Snowe, Republicans:

In no way could it benefit the Democratic Party in the future if health care reform is passed solely with Democrat votes.

Catastrophic Medicare Reform:

Overpayments by Medicare are crucial to maintaining profit margins, and not giving away free money to health care companies will force those companies to lie to people, creating panic. And this would be Obama's fault.

Limbaugh Hits a New Low:

The problem with Rush Limbaugh is he's too blatant. You have to be careful when expressing your racial bias, so that your readers will pick up on it but you can pretend to be above it. Jail the Jena 6, black people are lazy, and etc.

And that's enough for now, yay.


NutellaonToast said...

I think it should also be noted that Megan is apparently claiming that, up until now, she didn't realize that Rush Limbaugh really did say racist things.

Maybe she should take the bone out of her nose?????

Dr Zen said...

It's interesting that her first reaction was to say "yeah but Al Sharpton woulda too". What is it with these people that even when the right are utter, in-your-face shit, they have to badmouth someone on the left because of it?