Friday, September 11, 2009

Fuck You, Megan

Where's Osama?:

I was closer to 9/11 than most people
No, really.
Fuck you, Megan.


clever pseudonym said...

I adore that movertypeguy tool in the comments:

"I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to the nation at Ground Zero."

Since when is Daddy using his construction connections to get you a paper pushing job "service to the nation"? Does this idiot actually believe Megan wouldn't have taken some $100K finance job over that one in a flash if it was offered?

And the UWS is nowhere fucking near the WTC. Millions of people all over the world knew someone who died that day. You don't deserve any pity points for that.

"On the other hand, we got eight years free of terrorist attacks."

What do you mean WE? Madrid? London? Countless places in the Middle East? Indonesia? Bali? I guess it only matters to Megan when it happens to America. What a douchebag.

brad said...

And domestic terrorism, such as anthrax attacks and the murder of abortion providers, also doesn't count. It has to be brown on white violence.

NutellaonToast said...

I was going to make the exact same fucking post. As if my friends in NJ weren't freaking out because of those crazy reports of some kind of chemical/biological agent in the planes that might spread to NJ. Fuck her so fucking hard.

clever pseudonym said...

Good point, Brad. I can't remember the year that it happened, but I was actually in LAX when the El Al ticket counter was attacked (nowhere near the international terminal. I'm not trying to pull the "I was deeply affected by things that happened somewhat near where I was at the time" bullshit).

People were freaking out everywhere. Nobody knew if the worst was over or if other cities were going to get hit. I can believe it was much harder for those located in the surrounding areas, but as someone who is very close to a couple of folks who spent the end of that day washing soot, ash, and blood out of their hair, I can't stand it when a fool like Megan whines about how hard it was to watch on teevee from her penthouse near Central fucking Park.

Susan of Texas said...

CP, that was the most sycophantic comment I've ever seen.

The 2,603 people who died there were casualties of war in the advance of freedom. Your service to them, and their families, is to be commended and remembered along with them on this day.

She ran a copy machine.

I hope my own daughter, when her time comes to serve her nation, is as noble as you.

The finest bit of ass-kissing I've ever seen.

bulbul said...


I guess it only matters to Megan when it happens to America.
Honestly? We here in the Eurostan think it applies to most of y'all.

Dillon said...

I adore that movertypeguy tool in the comments:

What impressed me most was movertypeguy's ability to type that entire comment with one hand.

Susan of Texas said...

That's true, most of us are proud to claim American Exceptionalism. Even Obama. Sarah Vowell wrote a good book on this--The Wordy Shipmates.

We will grow up eventually. We will be forced to.

clever pseudonym said...

I don't know how she can stand it. If anybody ever wrote overly-flattering drool like that to me, I'd tell them to knock it off. You would have to have an ego the side of King Kong to not feel uncomfortable with that ridiculous level butt kiss.

bulbul said...


ah yes, the 'City on the Hill' bullshit. The book sounds great, I remember Vowell pitching it on Colbert as great fun.
But anyway, I don't mind the exceptionalism. It's the corollary I have a problem with - you know, the one says that since we're the best, everybody else must be shit. And it seems that even the best progressives/lefties/DFH among you are prone to it. Case in point: Doghouse Riley, about two years ago. I was stunned to see 'English iz da best' bullshit coming from someone like him.

M. Bouffant said...

Hey, I was stunned to see me there, harassing bulbul. And getting semi-schooled, as well. Small world, huh?

Ken Houghton said...

Osama reads Megan, sends her love note.