Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Quote Worth Highlighting

even tho I included it just below, I think it needs a chance to stand alone.

I mean, I think that, to a much greater extent than most liberals think, insurance companies have largely dealt with this problem by throwing up their hands and erring on the side of approval, which is why health care costs are going up so fast. But one could certainly argue that private insurers are going to have to crack down harder on this stuff soon.
See how much you can learn by talking to paid industry flacks?
The problem is insurance companies are too generous.
I.... what.......
my brain hurts.


nils said...

i don't really read megan driectly, i find it amusing to read you and others commenting on her. but if what i am reading accruately reflects here output, its almost sad atthis point.

you get the sense of a panicked flailing, trying to gain any purchase on any point, failing to, and getting even more panicked. she's gotta be pretty close to cracking at this point.

nils said...

her output.. not "here output".

NutellaonToast said...

yeah, she's been on an overly prolific role lately. I'm on fucking vacation until the honeymoon is over, or the axe finally comes down. One of these has to be the thing that's lighting a fire under her ass.

clever pseudonym said...

Right, Megan. Insurance companies are practically like charities.

Dillon said...

"you get the sense of a panicked flailing ... she's gotta be pretty close to cracking at this point."

I'm not sure that's the case. I think Megan has always been a lazy, dishonest person, and she is used to bumbling through the periods when her lazy, dishonest behaviour comes back to bite her in the ass. It would feel like panicked flailing to you or I if we acted like she does, but to McArdle it's just another day at the office.

McMegan is like a female version of George Costanza.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she can check into one of those numerous charity hospitals run by libertarians to get her brain a rest. (cf. question and response)