Monday, September 28, 2009

Ready To Go Again, Already?

Someone get Ross Douthat a tissue, he's talking war, again.

Seriously, if anyone can find any information, insight, or even a fucking opinion in that piece, please email the NYT right away. They're very concerned that they've been gypped.

What the fuck were they thinking?


bulbul said...

In other words, fighting to win in Afghanistan will require that Obama become as much of a war president as his predecessor.
Much like Hammett's detective, I'm trying to count how many instances of pure unadulterated bullshit this sentence contains. So far, I got 4.

clever pseudonym said...

What the fuck were they thinking?

"He's cheap."

Seems to be going around a lot these days.

Dillon said...

"He's cheap."

That makes a lot of sense.

If you want to fill Kristol's slot at the NYT with another wingnut, just about anyone is capable of regurgitating Republican talking points. You might as well hire the person who will work the cheapest.

It also would explain why McArdle didn't get the job. It wouldn't surprise me if money-grubbing McArdle demanded an inflated salary and was rejected (in favor of Douthat) for that reason.

clever pseudonym said...

I'm not sure if it's still done the same way - my father was a journalist - but salaries used to be based specifically upon your level of education on the subject of journalism and your number of years of experience. If it's still being done that way, since Megan wasn't a journalism major and only had a couple of years or so at the Economist under her belt, she's probably being paid in dirt.

bulbul said...

Somewhat OT, but hey, who's going to stop me: Ladies and Gentlemen, whatever we think of Ms. McArdle and her continuous employment at the Atlantic, October 2009 marks the final passing of that once great publication. Behold, the last nail in its coffin - Christopher Hitchens.
Lord help me, I hate that fuck.

Susan of Texas said...

He seems to judge people by how amusing a dinner companion they would make. He doesn't seem to worry about his own behvior, which is odd because he seems like the kind of dinner guest who will drink up all the best wine and regale everyone with stories about his drunken exploits in Ought Three.

Chad said...

I heard a similar theme, in public and private, from many counterinsurgency advocates last week.

Somebody's been taking notes from Megan...

Andrew Johnston said...

Looks like Hitchens has caught a bad case of Siegel's disease. I guess that the drunken sod hasn't realized that the reason no one listens to him isn't because he's never funny, but because he's never right.

I guess he's going to be on TDS next week. I wonder if anyone on the staff knows about Hitchens's feelings on the subject of the show.

brad said...

God, I fucking hate Hitchens. I really wish I had people willing to go on the record about the shit he's done with students at the New School.
All I can say is read this, and remember the New School is in the US.