Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ambinder Part Deux

Marc Ambinder works with Megan McArdle. He also borrows from her.
He was right to be wrong, and even when he was wrong about the people who were right he was, and is, still right in his method and they're, by logical extension, still wrong. Next, a post explaining why being wrong makes him even more right now, and why having to learn from a mistake makes him smarter than the people who already knew not to make the same mistake. If he's going to be like Megan he's still got that bit of work to do. Right now it's kind of a Yglesias/Megan combo; Ambinder wasn't a dirty hippie and he was wrong for the right reasons at the time, even if they're the wrong reasons now, and he's learned so he's totally still deserving of his platform.
I'll give Ambinder this much; he seems dim enough to have actually gotten the Iraq War flat wrong. Part of my disgust with Yglesias and Ezra is that in their cases I don't know if they were naive or if they simply supported the war for the sakes of their careers. Mistakes can be learned from, even if we'd be better off reading the work of those whose judgment has been proven valid and valuable, but those who went along to get along are the ones to really be frightened of.
N read the comments, those of you who aren't already in them, it's a rare intelligent thread at the corpse of The Atlantic.

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Downpuppy said...

Ambinder is utterly hopeless. Even in a short post about detainees in Iraq,

he manages to drink 3 glasses of teh Koolaid.