Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick Shorter

before I mock, let me know if you've blogrolled us and I haven't done the same in response. I tend to rely on my infrequent visits to the "came from" page at statcounter to know who has, which seems not to be a totally successful method. And now, the stupid.

The New, New Thing:

Megan prides herself on learning from her mistakes, and the mistakes of others she supported. It seems that what she always learns is that she didn't make a mistake, reality did. Her principles are sound, and trying to get in the way of financial wizards would totally be worse than teetering on the precipice of a second Great Depression.
After all, without our techniques financial industry thieves and idiots in the rest of the world would have no new methods with which to fuck up their home nations. It took being educated here for the young turks of Iceland to learn how to destroy their economy. America is the land of innovation, the world needs us to show them what mistakes to make.

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