Friday, August 7, 2009

More Nutpicking

(from the defense of Megan piece)

Matt Beauchamp (URL) said:
Aug 6, 6:59 PM
Jack Reynolds is a miserable vomitous mass:

"generally create a new network of opportunities for future generations of Americans"

What a gigantic pile of nonsense pussy-talk. Are you, perchance, a speech writer for Obama?

Douche bag socialist idiot. Ask the North Koreans how they like the government running everything. Or do a quick check of the U.S. Postal Service - which just lost more billions despite being a fucking MONOPOLY!

You must be a hippie punk in grad school.

Dear Roy, S,N!, and Tbogg,


(Which is to say we'll be visiting Matt Beauchamp more in the future. Maybe he'll even stop by here and put us all in place.)

Here's a little taste:
First of all, dear readers, despite all my crazy rantings you never have to worry about me doing this. The last demographic I want to see less of in the world is aerobicizing young females.
Secondly, I don't want to sound callous but 3 dead is a fucking miracle. I think I read somewhere that he fired 52 shots! Three guns....52 shots...and only 3 dead. Perhaps he should have left the lights on before shooting. Impotent right to the bitter end.
It must be the chicks in Pittsburgh. The only woman who drove me completely out of my mind with lust was a Pitt girl. I can definitely see how this could happen. They are saucy little minxes.
My guess is he thinks he's being funny.


Anonymous said...


Not to sound too ignorant or something but who is Roy? I don't think I have read that blog.


brad said...

Roy Edroso, of the alicublog and Village Voice. I hadn't bothered to include him in the links because I figured anyone who found us already knew him, but now I'll fix that.

clever pseudonym said...

Charming fellow, that Cretin guy. The celebratory post about Eunice Kennedy Shriver's illness and presumably looming death was just aces. And if Megan ever again refers to a man criticizing the content of her blog as a misogynist, I'm going to direct her to his post on marriage so she'll know what real fucking misogyny looks like.

bulbul said...

OK, I'm a foreigner who's only been to the States once and so there are some aspects of American culture I only got to experience second hand (read: books, movies, TV shows) - like college fraternities. But after reading a few lines of his writing, I had these two thoughts:
1. I bet this guy is at least on one picture on
2. Definitely a fratboy.
And whaddya know.

CaptBackslap said...

Holy shit, that blog is FANTASTIC. He's no Udolpho (the best crypto-fascist blog ever), but he has real potential.

To give the devil his due, though, he has a point about 52 shots and 3 dead. Motherfucking Skeletor was a more efficient villain than George Sodini.

NutellaonToast said...

Yeah, as someone with personal ties to Pittsburgh, I'm gonna say it's a bit too soon to whip the While E Coyote jokes on this one.

Anonymous said...

Here's an even worse one:

I grew very alarmed at this headline. I was about to shit all over the retarded idea of "Internet addiction." Then I clicked on the article and saw it was a Chinese teenager.


There are 300 million more where he came from. If the rehab place was smart, they would have just grabbed another short, dark-haired, spectacle-wearing rice eater and sent him home in this guy's place.

clever pseudonym said...

Udolpho! I had mercifully forgotten about that know-it-all, stuck up, pretentious, woman-hating asshole! What a comic delight he was. It's fun laughing at people who think they're better than every other being in the universe and are stupid enough to put this belief on display for all to see.