Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here's What She Pooped Out Today

shorters, cuz I don't feel like delving into any of this crap.

Looking Back at the Bailouts:

Don't you love it when I tell liberals, who think in ways I'm literally incapable of comprehending, what they should have thought or done? The reason no one "groks" libertarians is because we're the next step in human evolution, thus we can encompass past stages of development while those still trapped in them can't comprehend our higher natures. Libs are all like, I give a shit about other people, and while conservatives at least have gotten over that empathy crap they still make the mistake of believing in what they say, at least at the rank and file level. Libertarians have the courage to lie about our convictions, because we don't really have any, we just want money to buy shit.

How Sweet it Is:

Uhhhhhh, what? People won't eat less sugar because some home owners overprice their homes when putting them on the market, obviously.

Megan Live!:

This sounds good, but the questions will be moderated, so we'll have to pretend to be respectful. I'm sure you all have questions for our muse, especially those of us banned from her sandbox, but I think the big question of the moment for her to pretend to answer is why she thinks Europe doesn't do medical research. It's not like she's popular enough for the chat to be crowded, so stick to it and press her as much as possible. If we're lucky she'll be provoked into a series of posts for the entire internet to mock.

Facts I Did Not Know:

There are more asses for me to kiss in this world than I could ever have imagined. So many business interests to dishonestly defend, so little time.

What Really Matters In Health Care Reform:

is breaking Obama, of course. Remember how this is supposed to be his Waterloo? Well, unlike every other president, ever, Obama's numbers have dropped a bit since taking office as the Republican Party has made it their purpose to obstruct and slander his every action and the compromises forced upon him alienate the base. Fuck helping millions of people being royally screwed by a broken health care system, let's play some politics. All that's been needed are monstrous, ridiculous lies and the constant elevation and support of the most extreme, genuinely mentally ill portion of the conservative movement. There will be no price to pay in politically motivated violence or new beliefs so extreme even Newt and Sarah won't be able to make use of them.
The fault for provoking the next McVeigh will totally be on Obama for not indulging these spoiled brat bullies having temper tantrums in public and trying to help them despite themselves. And Megan will be among the first to say so, when the Ambien wears off, if only to protect her self image and fantasy world.

Bernanke, Again:

This soft, jobless, recovery our economy is experiencing is actually the best possible outcome, because only the "right" people are benefiting. With un- and under-employment still high bosses still have extra leverage and ability to exploit their employees, which makes every MBA's heart beat faster, but they're the only ones seeing more money, too. It's win-win, which means Obama has nothing to do with it and his name ist verboten in this topic.

Megan McArdle is a bad person.

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