Monday, August 3, 2009


mit kein foreplay.

Dialogue: Ellen Ruppel Shell on Our Obsession With Cheap:

Dear Megan,

Why the hell am I going to you for free promotion? I'm saying businesses are doing bad things. Your readers will hate me.

What's the Matter With IKEA: A Dialogue With Ellen Ruppel Shell:

Dear Lady Ellen Ruppel Shell Bain Biscwot of Dovenshire-upon-Elderberry,

We're talking because it means I get to complain about having been subject to the UTTER HORROR of living with furniture that wasn't handcrafted for me 2 months ago to conform to the latest design fads. Do you realize my family used an old table simply because there was absolutely nothing wrong with it and it was very well made? Right this very moment I'm looking at a bookcase I bought from IKEA, and I'm weeping.

Glassman and Hackett Vindicated:

When other people make mistakes, it's funny. When I make mistakes, it's because I know more than you do. Such is blogging.

I like days when she produces jack shit.


Ken Houghton said...

"When other people make mistakes, it's funny. When I make mistakes, it's because I know more than you do. Such is blogging."

This will be one of them.

Chad said...

"...a visit to an Ikea warehouse brings home what progressives like, and libertarians hate, about Scandinavia: it's the Kingdom of Lagom, where everyone has exactly the same, perfectly adequate, stuff."

Yes, there's nothing Libertarians hate more than homogenization, which is totally why they typically support city and county ordinances banning fast food chains in support of local restaurants.

NutellaonToast said...

Her Ikea post was so rambling, ill thought and non-linear I got dizzy. I was like "does she have a point or is she just reading random passages from her diary of deep thoughts?"

bulbul said...

Since I went to grad school in 1999, I've moved at least seven times.
Not to give you guys any ideas, but I'd love to see someone compile a biography of Megan McArdle exclusively from those tidbits of her personal life she chooses to share with her audience.

NutellaonToast said...

She was born. She stupided. She smiled. She was promoted. Those around her slapped their foreheads and smiled back. People on the internet made fun of her -- some of them smiled, too. She died. Fin.

That's all I need.

ChicagoEd said...

Megan has so not read that book that it's not even funny. You'd think she might want to mention, though, that the author of the book also coincidently works for the Atlantic, you know sort of as a "disclosure" of a potential journalistic conflict.

Susan of Texas said...

Since she didn't see sleeping with an astroturfer and reporting favorably on astroturfers as a conflict, I doubt she'd find anything a conflict.

The author also writes about obesity, btw.