Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wanna Bet?

Decided to visit the comments of the item shorted below, where the small-penis, "An armed society is a polite society," "It'd sure 'focus the thoughts' of politicians if I were waving a gun at them, hee-yuk, hee-yuk" element is out in force.

Freedom-lovers who despise gov't. coercion, but think the imposition of politeness by armed force is a swell reason to have your little friend w/ you at all times are a hallmark of gun-libertarian cognitive dissonance. Or simple hypocrisy. Very difficult to determine. "I've got my liberty, you just shut up or else."

But the important part is Megan engaging.At last, Megan has found an answer to "Go to Somalia, libtard, & take Ron Paul w/ you!" (It must really get to them.) I think/guess/assume that she refers to the Swiss practice of enlisting all able-bodied/minded males from 20-30 in a well-regulated militia & issuing them rifles, so that, should trouble arise, they can (in some cases, on their bicycles) get to the border & start defending the country. One difference between the Swiss & the average American militia type being that Swiss guys aren't given to taking their guns to the bank w/ them, on the off chance that someone won't hold the door for them, & if they did, we doubt that their SIG 510s would be left in their closet much longer. The Swiss have a tradition of politeness (or at least of not being rude while they're ripping you off for whatever they can) that goes back farther than guns. Did I type "politeness?"
It is claimed that approximately 300 deaths per year involve the use of Swiss army guns, mostly suicides and family murders.[6]
Surely the number of offenses to personal honor prevented by an armed society is worth a few dead families.Thanks to the Internet, today's generation can callously place bets on human injury &/or death! I don't think I've ever been prouder of the species than right now. Especially of the union goons & thugs & ACORN, which is apparently so evil it doesn't need thugs or goons.

Enough for me, thank you (it gets worse, w/ argument about statistical likelihood of shootings, & more evasion & weaselry) but help yourself.


Mr. Wonderful said...

Hey this is weird. When I pause my cursor (in Seamonkey) over those MM extracts, I get a little balloon/window with a comment that doesn't, I assume, appear on her site.

I got "Ignore bombloader. I'm too lazy to cut him out." over the "Heinlein is a fantasy writer" thread, and "Anyone want to take a bet on how many times Rob Lyman was beaten up in school? Or bars?" over the "Care to take that to Longbets?" thread.


clever pseudonym said...

Yeah, well, I've got up to $500* that says no right winger would ever park a truck filled with explosives outside of a federal building with a daycare inside and wind up killing one hundred si...oh, wait.

*what in the hell kind of bet is "up to $500" anyway?

brad said...

Those are the titles M. gave those images, Mr. Wonderful.

Good Old Mr. Wonderful said...

Ah. Can you tell I'm 58 years old? Thanks.

(Damn. For a second I thought my computer had x-ray vision.)

M. Bouffant said...

No excuses, Good Old Mr. Wonderful, I'll be 56 w/in a mo.

(Just learned how to do that, & am enjoying my new toy too much.)

Any way to increase the snark!

commie atheist said...

I have a friend who lives in Switzerland. She says the taxes are much higher, compared to the U.S., and groceries are so expensive she and her husband sneak into France to buy stuff and smuggle it back home. So, I guess I don't get what Megan's fucking point is.

commie atheist said...

Oh, and her husband (before she met him) fled to the U.S. to escape the forced military service, and barely avoided going to jail when he went back. So, I guess what I'm saying is that Switzerland is hardly the libertarian paradise that Ms. McArdle thinks it is. But hen, why am I surprised that she doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about?

J— said...

Yes, the title in a little yellow box thing is a wonderful toy. Like the blues, an art form that appears simple at first glance yet in truth hard to master.

The betting, wow. It makes Hinderaker putting down money online on the Miss Universe contest seem quaint.