Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Extremely Shorter

Megan says:

Me? Me. Me me me. Me me? Me! Me, me me me. Meeeeee, me me. Me.


bulbul said...

I don't want this bill, and I don't want any other bill that increases the number of people for whom the government pays for care.
It's almost like that line from that Dashiell Hammett short story: I tried to count the lies/misrepresentations/instances of bullshit in that statement. I got to four with the possibility of three more.

bulbul said...

Hooooly living fuck in the comments:
Another off-putting tack of advocates, aside from what you've mentioned above, is the false sense of urgency.
But then again, that's the same dude who is against "global warming alarmism", so it's just another day in McArdleistan.

M. Bouffant said...


How she reconciles "morally correct" w/ "I will try to be intellectually honest about it--i.e. focus on things the bill actually is likely to do, rather than "death panels". But I wouldn't like it any more if it was more like something you want. In fact, I'd probably like it less" is a mystery for the ages.

What a whopping load!

I haven't had the nerve to look in the comments recently, but the situation isn't improving, is it?