Friday, August 21, 2009

I Was Wrong, But That Made Me Right. No, That's Not Right. I Was Right, So I'm Wrong. No ...

21 Aug 2009 11:42 am

Good News/Bad News on the Budget

Well, I was wrong that the news on the budget would be worse than projected, but right that the Obama administration wasn't delaying its first mid-session budget review in order to hide the bad news in the August doldrums. The budget deficit is going to be $1.6 trillion, instead of $1.8 trillion.
Read that again. She was right, yet wrong. Somehow. She was wrong on budget news, & right to assume that the Obama Admin. wasn't delaying the review because the numbers were bad. In other words, she was right because she was wrong! Let's hope no other nitwits latch onto this newly discovered form of logic; we'll never be able to stop them.
Still, it's hard to be unhappy about a $200 billion decline in the government. $1.6 trillion to go . . .
What does that mean? Is the gov't. the same as the budget deficit? When we cut the deficit, will the entire gov't. disappear? To be replaced by unicorns w/ invisible hands?


Anonymous said...

I remember when Megan finally admitted, way back in March of Aught Eight, that she got a few minor little things wrong when she endorsed the Iraq Invasion. I calmly explained to her how I (quite easily) got everything right about opposing the Iraq Invasion. But somehow--according to Megan--she was still kinda right and I was still wrong. Amazing.

LittlePig said...

How sheltered a life must one had led to think getting rid of all government is a good thing?

The Glibtard types are all about "bleeding heart liberals", but I've never met a liberal that thinks government is the only thing preventing everyone having their own rainbow-farting unicorn. Is the assumption that once government is gone they will kill everybody they disagree with then all come together and sing Kumbaya and put flowers in each others' hair?