Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Victoria Jackson is Dumb

which is a shame, cuz UHF was a fun movie.
But looky looky:

I scour the internet and find that the conservative big shots are now fully engaged in this battle against our government. I send in two emails to flag@whitehouse.gov. I figure I’m already on their “list.” One of my emails says, “Is this a joke?” One says, “How dare you attack our Freedom of Speech! Stop the Snitch Program! It’s illegal!” So, you see, I’m really, really on their “list.” I’m wondering what will happen to the people on “the list.” Audit? Jail? Death? I’m starting to feel exactly the same as the Soviets and the Cubans. I now understand perfectly why they risked their lives heading to Miami on rafts. The fear is palpable. The invisible oppression of being watched. The White House is trying to intimidate my fellow Americans from speaking out, from asking questions about this Socialized Medicine. Nancy Pelosi is on TV saying we wear swastikas! What planet is she from? It’s all a jumble of anger and fear and lies. My country.
My hope rises as I read Cornyn and Sekulow’s letters to the President. They know the legal lingo. They are representing me. Whew. And of course, there is God. And, I pray.
way down in this... subbacultcha.
"I’m starting to feel exactly the same as the Soviets and the Cubans."
Why she doesn't have a show with Chuck Norris on FoxNews is beyond me. Someone call (the bad) Roger Ailes.


spencer said...

So what do you think the odds are that she'll actually get on a raft and try to float to Singapore or something?

Nah, I guess we'd never get *that* lucky.

clever pseudonym said...

I swear I'm going to buy land in Siberia and open up a gulag just to throw in every nitwit who compares being in the political minority in the United States to being imprisoned/tortured/killed in a place like Cuba or the USSR. Victoria Jackson's getting an entire wing named after her.

M. Bouffant said...

From the local national paper, Ms. Jackson on the Fourth of July:

They are followed by the lively Victoria Jackson, the former "Saturday Night Live" actress with a voice like a yard sale violin.

"I'm really excited to be with my people," she squeaks.

Jackson goes on to call for the impeachment of President Obama -- "There, I said it" -- then does a handstand on stage that she dedicates to the men and women of the U.S. military.