Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Depths Of Despair (Fascist Division)

Like Megan, I often despair.

Would it be too, too trite to say that some days I despair? Because I really do.
She could start by telling Jonah Goldberg to admit his book was full of crap. And she could try to enlighten her commenters. (This one was Frist!)

Funny that nobody ever likens a politician they hate to Stalin. Maybe they don't think of it as an insult.

This one's fun too.

Obama's policies to date resemble fascism more so than any other president before, except perhaps for FDR. This does not mean his policies are like the Nazis, who are just one example of fascism.

FDR is probably the only president whose policies can be said to be close to Nazism, if you consider his national socialism economic plans combined with his use of concentration camps for certain racial minority groups (codified in our law and upheld by a Supreme Court largely packed with his supporters).

It remains to be seen whether Obama's fascist-resembling economic policies will combine with other fascist policies; but the fact that he has now expanded rendition and created a torture regime targeting white collar criminals is certainly not promising:,0,1840939.story?track=rss

A Lebanese citizen being held in a detention center here was hooded, stripped naked for photographs and bundled onto an executive jet by FBI agents in Afghanistan in April, making him the first known target of a rendition during the Obama administration.

Unlike terrorism suspects who were secretly snatched by the CIA and harshly interrogated and imprisoned overseas during the George W. Bush administration, Raymond Azar was flown to this Washington suburb for a case involving inflated invoices.

If arresting someone in Afghanistan & flying him to a Washington, D. C. suburb to undergo a public trial for theft is "a torture regime targeting white collar criminals" I'll eat my grubbiest baseball cap. The concept of a "leap of the imagination" is rendered trivial by such a fanatsy. Yet we're expected to reason w/ such paranoids. As we like to say in show bidness, here's the rest of the story. Literally:
Their case is different from the widely criticized "extraordinary renditions" carried out after the Sept. 11 attacks. In those cases, CIA teams snatched suspected Al Qaeda members and other alleged terrorists overseas and flew them, shackled and hooded, to prisons outside the United States without any arrest warrants or other judicial proceedings.

The FBI arrested Azar and Cobos with warrants signed by a federal magistrate. And the State Department, Talamona said, asked the government of Afghanistan "for its consent in advance to take these two individuals into custody and return them to the United States to stand trial. They consented to our request."
One might imagine that Psycho Jenni is more troubled by her white-collar criminal heroes being treated roughly ("Oh, goodness, they're just trying to compete in a difficult environment.") than anything else.

We think it's an excellent idea. The economic terrorists responsible for the state of the world economy should be snatched from their playgrounds & rendered wherever for prosecution.

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clever pseudonym said...

"Would it be too, too trite to say that some days I despair? Because I really do."

Oh, poor widdle Megs. It must be so hard for her, being such a superior voice of reason in an otherwise murky and unwashed sea of debate. Some days I despair, too. Like when I read her ignorant, horrible drivel and realize she's paid by the Atlantic by people who actually consider her an intellectual.

She's a condescending asshole.