Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not So Surprising: Why She'd Note This

Surprising Findings

According to a new survey from Indiana University and the University of Utah finds that [sic] a huge majority of Americans think that women should change their last names when they marry.
I almost stopped to ask the usual "Why this?" until reminded. Something very special that's never happened before is about to. Are we all excited?
So I'm awfully glad that the government doesn't mandate such a ridiculous thing, because if they did, I'd have to refuse to change my name in outraged protest.
Foot-stamping as well, you contrarian, you?

Elements of Style®/Megastats:
Ten lines of Megan's, 17 lines copy-pasted; no one could be bothered to take out the redundancy/first draft remnant in the opening sentence?


Susan of Texas said...

The real question is, is she going to force Suderman to take her name?

Ken Houghton said...

So if the Fed were to try to pass such a law, they would have the support of 70% of the people and Megan would have to practice "civil disobedience." (Though, of course, since there would be no way to do so, such a 'threat' need not be considered too seriously.)

By contrast, when only6 52% of voters (again with a strong Utah influence) support Something Else, Megan believes that is Perfectly Reasonable, and civil disobedience is not justified.

On the one side, hollow threat. On the other, bludgeoning and removal of rights. Good "compromise" she supports, eh?

Lady Lucy said...

Why would anyone, anywhere, in any conceivable rational world care whether Megan McArdle changes her name? What writer would ever think that such a topic would be of interest to anyone? Oh, I forgot about Megan for a minute.

Okay, now I care. I guarantee you that (after much discussion)this is how it will play out: Megan, in a spirit of open compromise, decides that she will "officially" conform to society's (much outdated) norm of changing her surname to her new husband's, but--get this--she will continue to post, professionally (cough cough) under the name Megan McArdle, just only because she doesn't want to confuse her loyal readers. So her "legal" name will be Megan Studebaker, but she'll still be MM to all of us assholes.

BTW, how in fuck's sake is she ever going to figure out how to legally change her name? [Maybe by hiring a lawyer you might respond, but what are the odds of that?]

clever pseudonym said...

"Government naming rules? When did I move to Germany?"

You didn't, Mrs. McSuderman. It was a friggin' poll, not a piece of legitimate legislation, dumbass.

Anonymous said...

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