Thursday, August 20, 2009

Libertarian "Thinking?"

What is she thinking?

20 Aug 2009 03:47 pm

The Benefits of Advanced Directives


I think, perhaps oddly for a libertarian, that patients should get to make choices about what they want for end of life care, unless it actually bankrupts us. But that implies actually making a choice, and thinking deeply about these issues, even though we'd rather not confront them directly. Frankly, I've been looking at living wills, and I get a panic attack just thinking about the conditions under which they might be needed. This makes it hard to make a clear decision about what I want.
Isn't (g)libertarianism about freedom & choices & not what the gov't. wants? How is it "odd" for a libertarian to think patients should have a choice? This makes it sound as if libertarians are in favor of death panels, that in Liberty World the aged & infirm are seen as bankruptors & should be dealt w/ immediately before anyone's precious portfolio is deflated. Could this possibly be correct? Or is it just Megan's inability to express herself?

And note the "panic attack." Really? Is McArdle just scared 24/7, her phobias waiting to attack her at the slightest excuse? Is she scared of being scared, that is, panicky about a panic attack? It happens.

And if this giant of reason & intellect (That's why she's a libertarian, after all: She sat down & thought about all the issues of the day, & came to the conclusion that the best thing is to keep the powerful in power, by any means necessary, & w/ as little oversight as possible. This is why I, at least, respect every last mis-spelled word that drifts from her keyboard. 'Cause you know she really gives serious think-time to everything. Except when panic attacks.) can't deal w/ her eventual mortality, how does she expect the great unwashed to "actually make a choice?"


ChicagoEd said...

Megan has all kinds health issues. I know she suffers from vertigo--which is incurable. She has asthma--also incurable. Endocrine problems--incurable, of course. What else? Now panic attacks, which are, of course, if you're Megan, are completely incurable. I know I'm missing some of her ailments--fuck if I do research if she won't.

clever pseudonym said...

Didn't she write that she was ordered to give up veganism by her doctor because of thyroid problems as well?

Ugh. I can't believe I remember this mundane crap. I'm hoping this one only stands out in my memory because it was such a pathetic, lying excuse for giving up veganism. But she couldn't admit that it was simply too difficult for her to handle after being such a sanctimonious twit about it.