Monday, August 17, 2009

Now, Let's Discuss The Farm Bill

Ms. McArdle seems to have found a word combo she likes. And we're not surprised she's gotten her teeth into it & won't let go. A recent comment (Sorry, no further memory. If anyone remembers more, please advise, in best Jonah Goldberg style. Thanks!!) noted her re-use of titles. Trying to disguise it w/ "Dep't. of ..." is an insult to her readers.

17 Aug 2009 12:30 pm

Department of Surprising Findings

Global warming started with farming. Somehow, it always comes back to agricultural policy.

She's right there. (Two in a row? Whuh? Is she slipping, or am I?) As blathered elsewhere, the reactionary/progressive divide is essentially the differences between the rural & urban mindsets & cultures.

Excuse me, but as I type, Ezra Klein (Of the Washington Post. How's your career, Megan?) has appeared on television.

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clever pseudonym said...

NoT has noted how lazy she is with titles. Search her site for "markets in everything" and it's amazing how many posts come up with that same damn title. "Department of..." is pretty much worn thin as well. At least she hasn't used the welcoming the robot overlords one in a while.